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January 13, 2022.  

Introducing No-Code Technology Online

Computer Review announces the interactive No-code Technology directory. The online directory tracks and reviews over 222 companies in 21 countries daily. The real-time information is useful for students and professionals in determining business and technology opportunities as they become available.

The pioneering companies reviewed in the directory develop technology applications, virtual/alternate reality, cryptocurrency, blockchain, online games, and edge IoT networks. The information is well organized and includes company analytics, announcements, blogs and research papers, executive bios, job listings, and much more. 

The No-code Technology database is available online at $12.95 per month or $150 per year. For more information see No-code Technology at 

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Is no-code technology the ultimate solution?

No-code Technology is a platform that enables users with no coding knowledge and experience to build professional-looking websites, integrations, and applications (mobile apps, web apps, voice apps) in a short period of time with minimal effort.


No-code technology has introduced a visual approach to software development to make it easier for businesses to focus on their customer requirements to provide a better app experience. Now you don’t need a full team of front and back-end developers, software engineers, and cloud experts to build and design your project.

No code tools take care of fundamental systems like cases, databases, and security systems when you’re building your application. IT Systems should be able to fit the customer’s requirement and not the other way around. With no code technology, businesses can easily design their desired application based on their ideas as now they don’t have to communicate their requirements to someone else and rely on an approximation. 

The no-code movement rests upon the belief that technology should enable and facilitate the creation, not be a barrier to entry. That’s why they have introduced functionalities like Drag and drop, point-and-click or pull-down menu interfaces and data connections to reduce reliance on highly skilled developers.No code technology has opened a new world of opportunities for small and large businesses.

Statistical Research on No-code technology:

The no-code movement began its gradual revolution during the 1970s. Here is some of the statistical research on no-code/low code technology:

  • No code/Low code will account for more than 65% of application development activity by 2024(1)
  • 41% of businesses have active citizen development initiatives and 20% of those who don’t are either evaluating or planning to start citizen development initiatives.(1)
  • About 79% of businesses build a web application with citizen development within a year(1)
  • 30% of businesses prefer using custom low-code/no-code for complex business logic in the future(2)
  • 84% of enterprises have moved towards low-code/no-code for their ability to reduce strain on IT resources, increase speed-to-market, and involve the business in digital asset development(2)
  • 80% of organizations state that citizen developers have given IT departments more breathing room(3)
  • Only 0.5% of the world’s population knows how to code. So lack of technical skills was really a barrier to innovation before no-code technology.
  • 24% of users had no experience at all before using low-code/no-code platforms. 40% of those users have mostly business backgrounds(4)
  • By 2030, the global low-code/no-code development platform market is expected to produce $187 billion in revenue(5)
  • “Ease of use” is the most used (20%) positive word people use when describing low code / no-code development platforms based on data collected from customer reviews for all low-code/no-code development platforms companies (6)
  • 82% of firms say custom app development outside of IT is important(7)

Businesses using No-code technology:

Here is a partial list from our No-Code Ebook database of some of the businesses using no-code technology applications:

  • Appdome is a multi-service, multi-vendor, no-code IPaaS solution for Android and iOS apps.
  • Astera Software offers Enterprise-ready data solutions based on a self-service no-code platform for automatic data extraction, transformation, and loading.
  • Augmenteed offers process management no-code software to automate industrial procedures and digitize workflows.
  • Blobr provides its customers with no-code solutions for managing APIs without programming while adding product features.
  • CallRail, Inc. is the chief no-code call tracking and analytics solutions provider.
  • Claris is the leader in workplace innovation offering low code, no-code tools to create and integrate custom apps.
  • is a no-code solutions enterprise that brings words, data, and teams together with a unifying app-like workforce doc tool.
  • Formstack is a no-code workplace productivity platform that offers a wide variety of online forms for executing repetitive business tasks.
  • HubSpot Inc. is the major provider of no-code CRM and sales automation tools for businesses.
  • Next Matter whose no-code software provides companies with a modern, easy-to-use enterprise platform offering powerful functionality.
  • presents automated no-code web testing tools to perform software regression tests without programming.
  • Roblox is developing no code user-generated entertainment, from 3D games to high-scale social platform infrastructure.
  • Shogun allows its users to build an online web store with a unique e-commerce experience using Shogun's no-code online tools.
  • Smartsheet is the leading no-code online platform for managing and automating collaborative work.
  • Tonkean offers a no-code OS-like, AI business operations platform to optimize the processes and workforce.
  •, Inc. is a no-code automation platform that lets you configure workflows, integrate applications, and connect deeply with web service APIs.
  • Webflow, Inc. has remote-work, no-code web designing tools like HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript in a visual canvas for easy implementation.
  • Zapier is a global remote company that allows integrating web applications. It provides a workflow that automates the usage of web applications. No-code workflow automation solution connects apps seamlessly to increase efficiency and achieve better results.

Why should businesses use No-code Technology?

No-code or low-code technology has many advantages like the speed with the development of applications. You don’t have to spend time writing endless codes, running a number of programs and functions, and worrying about security issues. You can simply use the existing templates or customize your own forms and design your project without writing even a single line of code. Low code/ no-code solutions have the potential to reduce the development time by 90%. 8

No-code technology is getting very popular because now it would be easier for people, who find it difficult to communicate their needs to developers, to develop their applications themselves with no coding knowledge and it would also be a blessing for developers as now they don’t have to spend months on developing websites or applications only to find out that’s not what their customer wanted. Now they can give their clients no-code tools so they could communicate their ideas and assumptions properly and also could explore a ton of different options.

It also allows users to work efficiently without any risk of corrupting files and losing sites. In addition, it also allows users to make changes and modifications easily. Low/no-code enables medium-skilled developers to build applications like full-stack developers

It also has led to reduced costs for businesses as now they don’t have to allocate a huge chunk of their budget on hiring highly skilled and experienced IT teams to develop their software products or training their IT department to fulfill the complex needs of consumers and to keep up with their competitors.

Also, maintenance of these systems which previously used to be a regular huge expense for businesses is no longer a problem as there is no code involved.No code technology enables non-developers from different business teams such as human resource, sales, finance, procurement, etc to build custom apps to fit perfectly to their needs. Nearly 60% of all custom apps are now built outside the IT department. Of those, 30% are built by employees with either limited or no technical development skills.7


It’s safe to say that no code technology has led to improvement and innovation and we will see it growing even more and becoming popular in every sector of every business throughout the world making operations quicker and easier for both its technical and non-technical users.


 1 From Gartner; Stamford, Connecticut-based technology research and consulting company.

 2 From a Forrester Consulting Thought Leadership Paper Commissioned By Appian

3 From Appsheet; no-code app building platform that allows you to quickly build apps to collect, or connect to data.

4From Mendix; a platform that empowers both business and professional developers to make apps that get to value sooner.

5 From GlobeNewswire; provides press release distribution services globally, with substantial operations in North America and Europe.

6 From AIMultiple; provides transparent, in-depth, data-driven high tech industry analysis to help businesses explore AI, machine learning, and other emerging technology use cases and identify solution providers.

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