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Computer Troubleshooters Newsletter - October 10, 2018


Latest Windows 10 update may delete data...

Windows 10

Last week I talked about the new Windows 10 fall update which just started rollling out... it's one of the 2 big updates that Microsoft rolls out each year.  It usually contains a lot of bug fixes and some new features.

Well, Microsoft has stopped rolling out the upgrade due to some users having all of their data deleted after installing it.  (This actually happened to 2 of my clients with the spring upgrade earlier this year.)  Click the link below to find out more:

I have installed the fall update on about 10 computers, and haven't had any issues with it.  One computer did hang inbetween reboots, but a manual reboot took care of that.  However, as with all big updates from Microsoft, it pays to back up your system before installing.

If you have any questions about Windows 10, give us a call now at (513) 737-8500 or email

... And the above is one reason backups are critical!


Data loss can occur anytime, for a number of reasons.  Hard drive crash, bad Windows updates, fire, flood, theft... The chances that you'll experience data loss with a computer in your lifetime are pretty good.

One solution that we use on our computers is Dr. Backup... an online/offsite solution.  Once a day your data is compressed and encrypted, then sent to 2 different offsite servers for storage.  If you have a disaster and need your data back, you just download it!  It's also completely safe... you are the only one with the encryption key, so you are the only one that can access your data.

Call us today and we will install Dr. Backup free of charge, and the first month is a free trial!

If you have questions about data backups, please give us a call today at (513) 737-8500 to learn more, or feel free to email  

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