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Computer Troubleshooters Newsletter - September 26, 2018


Microsoft Office 2019 is available for PC and Mac


Microsoft is starting to roll out the latest version of it's Office suite today.  These are the programs that most office workers use... Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.  The 2019 version however is only a bug and security patch release... it contains no new features.

You can learn more by clicking this link:

Office 365 is the subscription version of Microsoft Office, and it already has all the features and fixes that Office 2019 will provide.  Office 365 is actually a better option, as it is always updated, and costs less over time than purchasing Office outright.

We can get Office 365 on your PC today for only $39.99/year, and we'll install it FREE!  Give us a call now at (513) 737-8500 or email

Use Gmail?  Make the desktop interface user friendly!


Google's Gmail is extremely popular... not only for personal but for business use.  However, if you've tried using the Gmail webpage to manage your email, you know it's a bit cluttered and clunky.  The following article has some great tips on how to change that:

Some of the tips include configuring shortcuts, optimizing and condensing the left side panel, and hiding the right side panel.

If you have questions about Gmail, please give us a call today at (513) 737-8500 to learn more, or feel free to email  

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