At the beginning of March, my 2013 MacBook Air started having trouble staying online. The only way I could reconnect was to restart the computer over and over. Not good.  
That was the first sign I noticed that the MacBook was slowly giving up the ghost. Thankfully, I was able to continue writing but I could no longer count on saving to the cloud. Each time I finished for the day, that meant saving to my external hard drive.  
The middle of March brought on new challenges: 
--Now I couldn’t open Microsoft Word or Photoshop. Being a professional photographer and a writer, these two programs are of paramount importance to me. The choice of whether to continue saving my work to my external hard drive no longer mattered as I could no longer write and edit. I certainly didn’t want to spend money I didn’t have. However, I also can’t be without a computer.  
A few years ago, I briefly considered returning to the Windows PC world. After some contemplation, I decided to stay with Apple. I called Apple a week later and before I could change my mind, I placed an order for a MacBook Pro M1. Since I had already planned on spending the money on an upgrade over my MacBook Air, I decided to upgrade the memory from the standard 8GB to 16GB. 
I researched for a month before ordering the MacBook Pro, whether the Air or the Pro would be the way to go. After reading much information and talking to Apple and several people I count on when purchasing computers, I realized the Pro was what I should be looking at. I placed the order and waited impatiently as I couldn’t continue writing the sequel to Arrivals and Departures. This is my second laptop computer and I’m convinced I won’t return to the desktop world just as I’m convinced that I’m through in the Windows PC world.  
This Macbook Pro marks the first time I upgraded the RAM (memory) to its max. After doing my research, I decided that since I planned on spending a hefty penny, another hefty penny would not make that big a difference. I’m glad I spent the extra money on upgraded memory as I’ve already noticed a difference. My advice to anyone looking for a new computer, whether Apple or Windows is: 
Spend your upgrade money on extra RAM (memory.) Don’t upgrade storage capacity. 

C. Jennings Penders
Now, As Monty Python used to say:   
And now for something completely different:  
On Friday, June 4 from 6-9PM, the Scranton Library is sponsoring a fundraiser called Scranton Shops. I will be participating by selling my photography and copies of Arrivals and Departures, my latest book. If you’re local to Madison, stop by the library and seek me out. 

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Until next month, keep writing. Keep reading. 

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