Can Extended LifeCycle Computer Board with CPU and 4K Graphics Cost Only $99?
Greetings from San Diego!

Yes, it can. In fact, the $99 price* of this German-quality motherboard of Extended LifeCycle is not just with any processor and UHD graphics. You might remember, Intel’s “Braswell” family of Celerons was first succeeded by “Apollo Lake” family, which is now succeeded by “Gemini Lake.” This latest generation family of Celeron ATOM processors is titled “Gemini Lake,” and it has been incorporated with Fujitsu’s new fanless mini-STX computer motherboard D3544-H of only 5.5"x5.8". The highly-cost effective board features such a new embedded Celeron 2GHz base/2.7GHz burst DualCore processor, supports DDR4 memory, total 7 USBs, works with Linux or Windows 10. Metal chassis fully FCC/B & CE certified is optionally available.

  • Intel® UHD Graphics 600
  • 2x DisplayPorts V1.2a
  • HD Audio onboard
  • USB 2.0 and USB 3.1 (gen1)
  • Onboard support for M.2 SSD (SATA/PCIe)
  • Onboard support for M.2 WLAN/Bluetooth module
  • Single GbE LAN onboard
  • Intel® integrated TPM V2.0
1) Onboard power button (push button) and power LED are designed for use with Impact's chassis .
2) Optional speaker kit, WiFi card, SSD, RAM available with or without chassis .
3) Optional USB Type-C extension cable (USB 3.1/gen1) is available as seventh USB.
4) See -40°C to +70°C operating fully industrial version here .
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Please inquire - all configured by Impact to your specifications.
Impact is Fujitsu’s exclusive technical support & selling channel in the U.S. for their German-made computer motherboards. They are now available from San Diego for the American market. And German-made = U.S. friendly computer motherboards are both high quality and very inexpensive because of their nearly 100% robotic assembly. Since Fujitsu is an IoT Alliance "Associate" level member of Intel partners, Impact works closely with Intel. Thus with or without chassis, all these products feature mostly Intel CPUs.
Note:* Minimum order quantity requirement may apply for this price ExWorks San Diego, California. The price is good for 30 days from Aug 20, 2019, and may be subject to change beyond 9/20/19 based on Euro-to-Dollar exchange rate.