Marisela Montelongo Griego

Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua

Doctoral degree pursuing: Environmental Science and Engineering Ph.D. Program

The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP)

How did you first learn about the ConTex fellowship program?

I attended a workshop at UTEP hosted by ConTex.

Tell us about your research and why it’s important to you.

My dissertation topic is focused on remediation, reclamation, restoration and rehabilitation in mines from Canada, the United States and Mexico. My goal is to identify best mining practices in North America and ultimately make public policy recommendations to the three governments using Geographic Information Systems (GIS). There is a need for better and more sustainable mining practices in these three countries.

Tell us about your experience at UTEP and living in the U.S.

The faculty is extremely knowledgeable and professional, which is why I decided to study here. The most rewarding experience I have had is graduating with my master’s degree in Environmental Sciences from here. Though it’s been a challenge to find an equilibrium between my academic and personal life, I have learned how to manage my time to do well here. I used to hear that living in the U.S. was boring. It is not boring. Even though lifestyle is very different from Mexico, there are a lot of ways to enjoy your evenings and weekends.

How do you hope your research will impact the binational relationship between the U.S. and Mexico in the future?

I hope in the future we can find better ways to follow up after a mine closure and help each other in the process.

What advice would you give other Mexican students who may be considering studying in Texas?

I would definitely encourage them to apply. It is a great opportunity for networking and expanding your possibilities.