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Conceal Carry Law. June is Pride Month. OBP Membership Saves You Money!

  • Conceal Carry: Starting today, permitless conceal carry in Ohio goes into effect. Business owners need to know that unless appropriate signage is displayed in ALL entrances, patrons may bring guns in, openly and concealed. If you do not want guns in your establishment, you must post the required signage. You can find the necessary signage at: Ohio Compliance Signage

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  • June is PRIDE Month: Take this opportunity to highlight products, items, artists, companies, etc. that reflect the LGBTQIA community!

Member Highlight
Oberlin Cable Co-op
From their website:
"In 1986, Cable Co-op Inc. was established in Oberlin Ohio. Cable Co-op Inc. was structured as a non-profit organization to provide local and cable television services to the City of Oberlin and surrounding township areas. Cable Co-op is governed by a board of subscriber-elected trustees and decisions on program offerings, new services, and operation policies are reviewed and voted on by this board. The Cable Co-op is involved in the community in numerous ways, from filming and broadcasting school board and city meetings to supporting local youth sport teams and organizations, your Cable Co-op goes above and beyond to service your community.

As the industry evolved so did Cable Co-op. What began as a basic cable television provider has grown to offer high speed Internet, high definition, digital cable, and fiber optic based services. The Co-op currently serves over 2,100 homes and businesses. What separates Oberlin Cable Co-op from many cable and Internet providers is their non-profit status and their locally based technical support. You can always count on our customer service technicians to treat you like you should be treated with fast response times, a friendly demeanor, and skilled employees that will always make sure any service based issues are resolved.."

Oberlin Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
From their website:
"Our congregation includes Buddhists and theists, agnostics and atheists, spiritual seekers and scientists. We have a passion for social justice – LGBTQ rights, anti-racism work, environmental and economic justice, responding to the needs of the homeless. Oh, and fun (e.g., game nights for all ages).
Ours is a spiritual tradition for keeping faith with life, especially during the most challenging times. Although we arrive at OUUF from many spiritual paths, our shared spiritual practice is being in community together. We’d love to welcome you and hope you find a spiritual home with us."

More Events in June!
  • Juneteenth, June 18.
  • Family Fun Night, June 24.
  • Chalk Walk, June 25.
For more information, check out their websites or Facebook pages or go to Oberlin Community Calendar
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