Thank you for your incredible support of Bay Ferry 2050 over the last few months! WETA and its partners have been busy engaging with residents from across the Bay to gather community priorities for the next 30 years of ferry service.
As part of that outreach, WETA received over 1,300 poll submissions from both ferry riders and non-riders. This input, along with feedback from local elected officials, planning and transportation staff, and business and community representatives, helped inform the development of a series of expansion concepts for the future ferry system.
Please take a few minutes to review the initial concepts, as well as the feedback that informed them (including planning meeting summaries and the final poll results).
With these expansion concepts in hand, WETA is now hard at work evaluating them against a set of possible futures to ensure its preferred 2050 service vision is resilient to whatever the future may hold.

Be on the lookout for a community survey in early 2023. It will be your most influential chance for informing the future of ferry service in the Bay. When the survey goes out, we are counting on you to promote it among your friends, family and network so we hear from as many Bay Area residents as possible.

We’ve brought back special event ferry service between the Chase Center and the East Bay for all Golden State Warriors games. Skip the hassle of bridge traffic and city parking by taking the ferry! 

This special event service offers trips to and from the Chase Center for Golden State Warriors home games for fans in the East Bay from Alameda and Oakland. Our Chase Center service continues to be a popular mode of transit for fans to and from the Chase Center. Riders are strongly encouraged to purchase tickets in advance as these ferry trips fill up fast and walk-up tickets are limited. Round-trip or one-way tickets can be purchased on our website.

San Francisco Bay Ferry is not currently planning to offer service to concerts or non-Warriors events at Chase Center.

Space Explorers: THE INFINITE is the first-ever immersive experience to take you on an awe-inspiring interactive journey to Space. And right now the experience is visiting the Craneway Pavilion, just steps away from the Richmond Ferry Terminal.

Fully immersed in virtual reality headsets, visitors can simultaneously explore the International Space Station (ISS), interact with each other in the form of avatars while being able to access EMMY award-winning cinematic VR content from Space Explorers: The ISS Experience based on the biggest media project ever produced in space. For the first time, people from all ages and horizons are able to witness the promise of immersive digital environments:

  • Explore a free-roaming 3D model of the International Space Station.
  • Witness the first ever spacewalk to be captured in cinematic virtual reality.
  • Admire mind-blowing views of Earth and feel the immensity of Space.
  • Join the crew of astronauts and discover their daily epic adventures.
Ready to live an-out-of-this-world immersive experience? Get your tickets to Space. San Francisco Bay Ferry currently offers Richmond ferry service seven days a week.

San Francisco Bay Ferry will have special schedules in effect for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.

  • Wednesday, November 23: Regular weekday schedules
  • Thursday, November 24: No service
  • Friday, November 25: Weekend schedules
  • Saturday and Sunday, November 26-27: Weekend schedules

Have out-of-town visitors for the holiday weekend? Take them on an affordable ferry ride to see the best views in the Bay.

Welcome back to Dock-tionary, where we help ferry fans learn how to speak boat. This month, we’re here to explain dredging – what it is, why we do it, and the important role it plays for some of our services.

Welcome back to Dock-tionary, where we help ferry fans learn how to speak boat. This month, we’re talking about deadhead trips – what they are and how they help to keep ferries on schedule.  

“Deadhead” is a common term used by public transit operators, as it refers to vehicles or vessels that are running without any passengers aboard. Deadhead trips are also referred to as non-revenue trips due to the absence of fare-paying riders. These trips are commonly built into operational schedules to enable the flexibility of our fleet to offer as many trips as possible with the resources available. 

Throughout the San Francisco Bay Ferry network, you could see ferries on deadhead trips during the early morning, early afternoon, or late evening. During these times of day, ferries may be leaving or arriving at the maintenance facilities, heading between terminals to start a new trip, or might have just dropped off the last group of passengers for the day. While we have limited the number of non-revenue trips to maximize rider flexibility, some of these trips remain useful to reposition ferries.

Related to deadhead trips when it comes to vessel repositioning is the concept of interlining, which basically means that a single ferry and crew may have departures on multiple different routes in a single shift. This is done to maximize efficiency. One new example in our schedule combining a deadhead trip with an interlined trip: one of our afternoon crews now “deadheads” from Mare Island to Richmond in order to provide a 2:00 PM Richmond departure to Downtown San Francisco. Following that drop-off, the crew enters service on the Vallejo route.

Our team is constantly looking for ways to maximize efficiency and provide as much good service as possible.

Riders can now show their love for riding the ferry in more ways and styles. Check out The Aft Deck and grab some ferry swag today!