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August 2015 Update 
Concerned Citizens is all of us. Collectively, we can accomplish Avila continuing as a desirable and favored place to recreate, work and reside. To help keep you informed we will be periodically sending out email updates with a summary of recent activities.

  • General Plan: Concerned Citizens main goal is advocating for the update of Avila's 1980's Area Plans, which are among the County General Plan components. The Plan pertaining to Avila is outdated and doesn't provide guidance for future development. As with Concerned Citizens, the Avila Valley Advisory Council supports an update process involving community visioning for Avila's future prior to approval of any new proposed mega-projects. Supervisor Hill stated that he will bring this to the Supervisors attention in October when they establish County Planning's work projects for the upcoming year.
  • Traffic Measurement: Concerned Citizens and the Avila Valley Advisory Council support amending the General Plan requirement, unique to Avila, for evaluating traffic volume on a second weekday in May. Avila's annual second Tuesday in May traffic count significantly under represents traffic, particularly during visitor times, which results in otherwise unacceptable additional development. Supervisor Hill stated that he will bring this to the attention of the Supervisors in October.


  • Petitions: We are collecting signatures on the Concerned Citizen's petition requesting that the County Board of Supervisors initiate an update for Avila's outdated Area Plans. Concerned Citizens wants the Supervisors to recognize that Avila matters to the public countywide. The petitions will be presented to the Supervisors at a public meeting before October, which is when they set next year's planning work projects.
  • Presentations: Concerned Citizens has been making brief presentations (up to three minutes) to the Supervisors during the open forum portion of their Tuesday meetings. Our purpose is to educate them about the importance of updating the Area Plan for Avila before consideration of any large development.
  • Website: We now have a website to share information about Concerned Citizens, There is also a Friends of Wild Cherry Canyon Facebook page, which contains pertinent information.
  • Publicity: We've had some great publicity about the Concerned Citizens group and our efforts to advocate for an updated Avila Area Plan, including news articles in The Tribune, New Times and SLO Life, plus a TV interview.
  • T-shirts: We designed and sold 71 great-looking "Advocate for Avila" t-shirts. Wearing them invites questions and comments from visitors and neighbors. Additional t-shirts can be ordered, although 12 in the minimum order, from J. Carrol Screen Printing and Embroidery, 805-595-1000.

  • Obtain petition signatures: Anyone over the age of 18 who lives in San Luis Obispo County can sign the petition.
    • Click here to sign the petition on-line or share the petition.
    • Print a petition from our website to sign or share
    • If you have a petition, even with one signature, please return it by September 30 to Concerned Citizens 4 Avila, PO Box 2506, Avila Beach 93424.
  • Presentations to the County Board of Supervisors: Concerned Citizens has been making presentations (up to three minutes) during the public comment portion of the Supervisors' meetings on Tuesday mornings. Additional presenters are needed. Contact Carol Goldberg,
  • Wear your "Advocate for Avila" t-shirt.
  • Avila Valley Advisory Committee: Attend monthly meetings and stay up to date on what's happening in Avila Beach. Posted website information includes pertinent updates to current issues

  • Approved
    • Harbor Terrace, at Port San Luis. Includes 80 RV spaces and 100 other visitor accommodations, with a swimming pool and restaurant for the general public. The project was approved with traffic evaluated only on the second Tuesday in May. Concerned Citizens advocated, unsuccessfully, that approval be based on realistic traffic considerations for reasons of safety. The Avila General Plan was amended a few years ago to facilitate this development.
  • Partial Project Being Processed
    • Chevron resort at Avila Point, a site which overlooks and is 50% larger than Avila Beach. The proposal includes 195 units, a restaurant, shops and a large parking area adjacent to Avila Beach Drive. The Supervisors authorized processing of a General Plan amendment for rezoning to recreation. County Planning is processing the amendment, which must be approved by the Supervisors before approval of a resort project.
  • Application to County Planning Department is incomplete or lacks sufficient information to process
    • Avila Golf Course, multi-use development, includes additional 230,000 square feet, 144 units, amphitheater, sports field, funicular, vineyard, winery, chapel, spa, ponds, narrow gage rail, practice green and a driving range. The golf course is within the master planned area for San Luis Bay Estates, which only allows golf course uses. Amendments are necessary for which the Supervisors have discretion about whether to authorize processing.
    • King Pond resort, off of Ontario Road, includes 71 units plus an acre pond. No amendment of the General Plan is necessary.
  • Projects for which applications have not yet been submitted to County
    • Wild Cherry Canyon, for 2,400 acres between Avila Beach and the Harbor. A proposal has been pitched to various groups mentioning 1,500 homes, plus commercial and recreation development. The Urban Reserve Line, as well as the Agriculture zoning, would have to be amended. The Supervisors have discretion whether to authorize processing such amendments to the General Plan.
    • 50 Cottage Units, adjacent to the San Luis Bay Inn/timeshares. An application has been submitted to the water-wastewater service provider for a "Will Serve" letter, which is necessary for a complete application to Planning. Fifty cottage units are included in the San Luis Bay Estates, Master Plan and, therefore, no amendment of the General Plan would be needed.