Concerned Citizens for Avila Newsletter
April 13, 2017
Together we can protect the natural environment, 
safety and accessibility of Avila.
Third "Envision Avila" Meeting June 8, 6:30 to 8:00 pm
Avila Beach Community Center
191 San Miguel Street

Envision Avila is the work program and community workshop series created by the San Luis Obispo County Planning Department to inform and develop a new comprehensive community plan. 
Visit the Envision Avila website for more information:

Update On Key Developments in Avila

In October 2015, Concerned Citizens for Avila successfully petitioned the SLO Board of Supervisors to update the County's General Plan pertaining to Avila. Included in our petition--and not acted on--is: "Amendments for new development should not be authorized nor approved prior to an updated Area Plan."  In other words, developments that have been proposed but not approved yet could still be built. 
WHAT YOU CAN DO:  We need to be vigilant with community action, keep our eyes open, and stay engaged!  A great way to stay informed is to attend the Avila Valley Advisory Council meetings held on the second Monday of the month 
Here is an update on those large developments:
  • Approved & Stalled
  • Harbor Terrace RV Resort , at Port San Luis. Includes 80 RV spaces and 100 other visitor accommodations, with a swimming pool and restaurant for the general public. The project was approved with traffic evaluated only on the second Tuesday in May and without important traffic safety measures. Concerned Citizens advocated, unsuccessfully, for approval based on realistic traffic considerations. The project is currently stalled as the original developer, Home Fed, withdrew and negotiations with a new developer, Red Tail Acquisitions, have been ongoing for 18 months.  (This project did not involve amending the General Plan since it was amended several years ago to facilitate development of the terraced Harbor District property.)
  • County Waiting for Defined Project Description
    • Chevron Resort , at Avila Point, involves a site overlooking and 50% larger than the town of Avila Beach. The proposal includes 195 units, a restaurant, shops and a large parking area adjacent to Avila Beach Drive. The Board of Supervisors authorized processing of a General Plan amendment for rezoning to recreation. (Applications for amending the General Plan are not automatic as with other applications.  First, the Board of Supervisors must authorize processing.  Before the resort can be approved, the authorized amendment requires Board approval.)  An Environmental Impact Report was initiated by the Department of Planning, then halted  for submittal by the applicant of additional information.  No further action has occurred.
  • Application Submitted & Incomplete for Processing
    • Avila Beach Golf Resort  is proposing a multi-use development involving additional 230,000 square feet. Included are 144 units, amphitheater, sports field, funicular, vineyard, winery, chapel, spa, ponds, narrow gauge rail, practice green and a driving range. The golf course is within the master planned area for San Luis Bay Estates (SLBE) which only allows golf course uses.  (Because the SLBE Master Plan is specifically incorporated into the General Plan, amendments would be necessary.  The Board of Supervisors has discretion whether to authorize processing of amendments.)  The Department of Planning has awaited additional project information from the applicant since 7/10/2015 to process the application.
    • King Resort , off Ontario Road, would have 71 units.  No amendment of the General Plan is necessary.  The Department of Planning has awaited additional project information from the applicant since 1/4/2016 to process the application.
  • No Application Submitted
    • Wild Cherry Canyon , involves 2,400 acres between Avila Beach and the Harbor. A proposal pitched to various groups involved 1,500 homes, visitor units and commercial development. (The Urban Reserve Line, as well as the Agriculture zoning, would have to be amended. The Board of Supervisors has discretion whether to authorize processing such amendments to the General Plan.)
    • 50 Cottage Units  would be adjacent to the San Luis Bay Inn/timeshares.   (A request has been submitted to San Miguelito Mutual Water Company for a "Will Serve" letter as required by the Department of Planning for development applications.  The units are included in the San Luis Bay Estates Master Plan, although without specifying size, number of sleeping rooms and whether occupants are to be residents or vacationers.  Since 50 cottage units are in the General Plan, no amendment is needed.)
  • Future Downtown Avila Beach Residential Development
    • Construction has not yet commenced for many approved residential--visitor units in the town of Avila Beach.  Projects in process involve 21 residences plus five more already designated for vacationers.  Many more town residences can readily be permitted for vacation rentals.