Concerned Citizens for Avila Newsletter
August 18, 2016
Together we can protect the natural environment, 
safety and accessibility of Avila.
Avila Traffic: Progress! 
On July 19th the County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved changing the traffic count standard for Avila as part of the larger community plan update process. This is great news for the many concerned citizens who want  normalized  traffic evaluation for Avila. The current method, which underestimates traffic impacts from new development, will still be used since it is part of the General Plan for now, but new development proposals will need an additional study based on Public Works' assessment of when traffic impacts will realistically occur. Nearly 60 supporters in blue shirts attended the meeting, and many more sent words of encouragement. County Planning and Public Works are to be commended for meeting with citizen groups and for their reasonable and intelligent proposal. Our district supervisor, Adam Hill, fully supported the effort. Concerned Citizens for  Avila  played the major role  bringing attention to the issue,  as well as  organiz ing  the turnout and behind-the-scenes work.
Save the Date!
October 27 Community Outreach Meeting on General Plan Update

SLO County Planning is sponsoring the first Community Outreach Meeting to hear your concerns and ideas on Avila's General Plan Update. Thursday, October 27, 2016, 6:30 pm, at the Avila Beach Community Center. Details coming soon.
Is it a Code Violation?
Document and Report!
Here is an important way you can help make change happen: If you see a potential code violation, take notes and photos and send to the responsible authority.  Photos speak volumes. Documentation is powerful. Photos and details are more likely to result in action.

Are you bothered by excessive noise from events at the golf course?  Are you concerned about oak tree removal or terrain alteration?  Marie Cullinane wants to know, any day of the week. She is the Code Enforcement Officer assigned to Avila by County Planning: (805) 781-5704,
If you are dismayed by a rule violation on the Bob Jones Trail, or trash at Cave Landing, contact Nick Franco, County Parks Director, (805) 781-5930, 
When you bike on Avila Beach Drive, are illegally-parked cars forcing you into the street where traffic whizzes by at 45 miles per hour? Do you notice cars parked in front of fire hydrants or in "No Parking" zones?  For traffic and parking violations, inform Captain Michael Bueno of the California Highway Patrol at (805) 593-3300,    
Who to Contact

Code Violations: Marie Cullinane  (805) 781-5704,
County Parks: Nick Franco  (805) 781-5930,
CHP: Michael Bueno  (805) 593-3300,
Crime: County Sheriff  (805) 781-4550

CC4A Comments on Diablo Lands
Concerned Citizens for Avila sent the following to KSBY in response to a request from Brooke Martell, reporter for KSBY, for a comment on the closing of Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant and the future of Wild Cherry Canyon (WCC): "Concerned Citizens for Avila supports the position of SLO County voters who overwhelmingly approved an advisory measure in 2000, Measure A, urging conservation of Diablo Lands, including Wild Cherry Canyon (WCC), upon nuclear facility decommission." CC4A opposes developing WCC without a realistic traffic evaluation of Avila Beach Drive, the only access roadway. 
How to get your very own
Advocate for Avila T-shirt!

Join the "Blue Wave" of Concerned Citizens for Avila!  We are taking t-shirt and hat orders for a limited time only. Please send your name, number of shirts and hats, and your email address to:
Once we have enough orders we will contact you for size. This time shirts will be men's style only since the ladies cut ran too small.

Approximate shirt cost: $15.50 for orders of 24 or more.
Approximate hat coast $12.00 (same royal blue, adjustable, embroidered "Advocates for Avila").  Please respond by August 26.