Concerned Citizens for Avila Newsletter
January 27, 2017
Together we can protect the natural environment, 
safety and accessibility of Avila.
Second "Envision Avila" Meeting Feb. 9
Presented by SLO County Department of Planning & Building

County Planning is holding their second Avila General Plan update meeting:

Thursday, February 9, 
6:30 - 8:00 pm
Avila Beach Community Center
191 San Miguel Street

Envision Avila is the work program and community workshop series created to inform and develop a new comprehensive community plan. Focus of this meeting is to develop a "vision statement" to guide planning for Avila's future.

Some items to consider: 
  • More amenities built would be accompanied by increases in traffic and potential for Avila Beach Drive widening.
  • Will new projects be worth the cost of the changed look and feel of Avila, the additional traffic and the environmental damage if Avila Beach Drive is widened?
Your input is so important. Hope to see you at the meeting!

Please see flyer HERE. 
Visit the helpful Envision Avila website:
Looking Back at 2016
Concerned Citizens for Avila saw huge successes in 2016 including the unanimous Board of Supervisors vote July 19 to normalize the traffic count standard for Avila as part of the larger community plan update process. You can refresh your memory and see the "sea of blue shirts" in the August 2016 newsletter on CC4A's website, And we grew our mailing list from 266 to 388! Other happenings:
  • "Envision Avila," SLO County Planning's work program for the General Plan Update process, grew out of the community and CC4A's Oct 2015 success in getting the SLO Board of Supervisors to prioritize updating Avila's General Plan. Citizens filled up Envision Avila's first workshop at the Avila Beach Community Center in October 2016, and the second workshop is happening Feb 9. 
  • The Environmental Impact Report for Chevron's proposed resort at Avila Point is stalled until the applicant provides additional project details.
  • Application processing for the extensive development proposed for the golf course awaits applicant information requested by the county. 
  • The resort proposed on Ontario Road also awaits applicant information.
  • No formal application for Wild Cherry Canyon development has yet been submitted. 
  • Construction of the approved RV resort for Harbor Terrace at the Port is being negotiated by the Harbor District and Red Tail Development. 
Document and Report!

Here are the contacts again so you can continue to document violations you see and report to the right authorities. It makes a big difference to have this collection of incidents when these issues are raised with the Board of Supervisors:
Avila Bridge Seismic Retrofit 

The bridge on Avila Beach Drive connecting the beach to Port San Luis will be undergoing a major upgrade in 2019. Impacts to include traffic delays from lane closures. SLO County Public Works staff is seeking to minimize this by requiring lane closures to occur during off-peak times. Please see HERE for more information.
Annual ABCA Party at Community Center Feb 3
The Avila Beach Civic Association Spaghetti Dinner/Bingo Night is being held Friday, February 3, from 6-9 pm at the Avila Beach Community Center, 191 San Miguel Street. If you are able to volunteer, please contact Mary Foppiano (805) 627-1997 or See flyer HERE.