Concerned Citizens for Avila Newsletter
June 28, 2017
Together we can protect the natural environment, 
safety and accessibility of Avila.
Envision Avila Meeting a Big Success!
"FANTASTIC!"  This is the most heard reaction about the latest Envision Avila workshop. Also: "Productive. Respectful." The entirely different "focus group" format had community members rotating among five stations staffed by County Planning staff: Events, Traffic, Parking, Vacation Rentals, and Future of Diablo Lands. 

The ideas were recorded on sheets posted on the walls, and voted on to rank by most favored. By the end of the meeting, the message to Planning staff was clear and unanimous: MANAGE events, traffic and parking instead of widening Avila Beach Drive.  

Planning staff mentioned a summary of comments would be emailed to attendees who signed in and provided their email addresses at the meeting.  Envision Avila website:

Matt Janssen from County Planning leads the Diablo Lands discussion table.
Traffic Alerts
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Avila Trolley
Parking in Avila is always a challenge.  Try the  FREE trolley service which connects you from the Pismo Beach Premium Outlets all the way to Port San Luis via Avila Beach, Avila Valley (Avila Barn, Bob Jones Bike Trail, Avila Hot Springs Resort, and KOA campground) and various resort hotels in Shell Beach and Pismo Beach.  The Avila to Pismo  Beach Trolley remains FREE thanks to generous  support of the Avila Beach Community Foundation,
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