Doctors, Governments, and Organizations Express Concerns about Children Using Cell Phones



Volume 2 Edition 15
November 12, 2011

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Health Canada Issues Cell Phone Advisory 


On October 4, 2011, Canada joined Israel, Germany, India, France, Finland, Russia and Switzerlandin recommending that children under 18 limit their cell phone use. In response to the World Health Organization announcement that radiofrequency electromagnetic fields are a possible human carcinogen (in the same class as DDT, lead, and chloroform), Health Canada (Canadian federal government agency) issued a proactive advisory to encourage kids under 18 to limit cell phone usage, text rather than call, and use hands-free devices,  More information is at



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 MobileWise Issues Report to Protect Children  


This week MobileWise, a nonprofit organization located in the United Kingdom, released a new 47- page report: Mobile Phone Health Risks: The Case for Action to Protect Children. The report reviews research on cancer, damage to fertility and reproduction, damage to biological processes, and the vulnerability of children. It recommends that the new leaflets with clear concise cell phone safety information be widely distributed in schools, medical facilities, libraries, cell phone stores, and other public areas.

Fox News Tampa Bay, Florida and Atlanta, GA Report on Children Using Cell Phones  


Watch these short news piece produced by Fox News in Tampa Bay, FL and Atlanta, GA about why doctors are concerned about children using cell phones:  and

News About Adolescents Using Cell Phones




Absorption of Cell Phone Radiation Underestimated


In October, Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine published new research about cell phone usage . Several members of Environmental Health Trust authored a study revealing our absorption of pulsed radiofrequency radiation from cell phone use-especially among children-is underestimated due to cell phone manufacturers' certification testing methods. When people hold cell phones next to their heads (as is customary), 97% of those people are exceeding the certified level of absorbed radiation, and children absorb more than two times the certified cell phone radiation. Read press coverage of the report at 



Children in Middle School Engage in Risky Cell Phone Use


Very few studies have analyzed children using cell phones. As reported by Environmental Health Trust, a recent study of middle school students in New Zealand by Mary Redmayne of the School of Geography, Environment and Earth Science at Victoria University in Wellington confirmed that most adolescents carry cell phones in their pants pockets for more than six hours each day. More than two out of five middle school students consistently sent text messages from a phone inside a side pocket. Those who broke cell phone rules in school were more likely to have high texting usage, carry cell phones on for more than 10 hours per day, and use cell phones in their pockets.


Research suggests these actions may negatively impact future fertility and/or reproductive ability. When children place their cell phones in their shirts and pockets, radiation absorption into the body is four to seven times higher than the guidelines set by the Federal Communications Commission.  


Documentary Movie Disconnect


Watch this 4-minute trailer  about the upcoming movie, Disconnect by Kevin Kunze. This documentary film features interviews with doctors, scientists, victims, politicians, activists to educate viewers about the negative health effects believed to result from exposure to microwave radiation from cell phone use. The film explores the rise of the wireless industry and its relationship with public health officials.


The Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Pollution


Don't miss this overview of the issues surrounding the biological effects of electromagnetic pollution. During this one-hour interview, Patrick Timpone of the One Radio Network and Dr. Magda Havas of Trent University discuss topics such as Wi-Fi in schools, cell towers, smart meters, and research to support her position.   
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Wireless Product Safety Tip

Children and Cell Phones


When parents talk on their cell phones, they should stay away from their children because children's bodies can absorb the near-field and far-field microwave radiation from the phone.


Children should only talk on cell phones in an emergency and for as brief a time as possible. Texting is preferable, but not when driving. Use a wired headset or speakerphone when speaking. Keep cell phones in purses, bags or backpacks.  A cell phone should be kept off the body and out of pockets unless the phone is turned all the way off. Children should not talk on a cell phone inside a vehicle (not even hands-free). See the top ten cell phone safety tips for more recommendations.



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