July 8, 2020
Special Notices & Reminders
For details on events, meetings and more, visit our website, SunCrestOA.com
A Message From the Board of Trustees
These are some difficult times that we're experiencing as of late. We're not accustomed to living in the midst of a pandemic with all the fallout that comes with it. As with any crisis of this sort, there are stresses and traumas that take place within our homes and ourselves in response. Much of this is dealt with in a healthy way and is either contained or disappears without further ado. But unfortunately, not all of it gets handled in this manner; some of it can spill over into others lives. 

We, your Board of Trustees, want to make you aware of a high level of unsatisfactory types of interactions with our staff in the SunCrest office lately. This includes emails, phone calls, and in-person office visits that are disrespectful at best and derogatory and inflammatory, at worst. As your Board members and fellow residents, we would simply ask that when you are interacting with any of our employees or Committee members that you would please treat them with the same level of respect and demeanor that you would like to receive if you were working in their place. 

We've been pleased with the energy and direction of actions that our staff has implemented in response to protecting all of our SunCrest residents while dealing with COVID-19 and still attempting to maintain our SunCrest lifestyle. 

Lastly, if you have any questions or concerns about anything SunCrest, please don't hesitate to contact the Board of Trustees for dialog via email at suncrestboard@suncrestassociation.com . Also, we're happy to meet with anyone in person at a Board meeting and encourage everyone to attend. You can find the time and date of the next Board meeting on the SuncrestOA.com site on the " Lifestyle/Upcoming Events " page
Best regards to all, 
President: Adam Koch
Vice President: Dave Augason
Secretary: Lisa Holcomb
Treasurer: Rob Noack 
Board of Trustee: Bill Maxwell
July Summer Paint Nights
Our next paint nights are coming up quickly! Join us either Friday, July 17th or Saturday, July 18th for a night of fun instructional painting! We'll be working on some fun dandelion tufts for this project. Ticket links are below! *Please note the different times for each day!
Concert in the Park
Come enjoy the music of the Chad Truman Duo, a beautiful mix of country and blues with incredible vocals. Grab some delicious food from The Ridge and come join us in the Village Green on July 10th at 7:00 PM.

Due to COVID restrictions, we will be requiring reservations for the event. You can sign up via the link below.
SunCrest Days Parade
Several SunCrest residents have gotten together to plan a community parade on July 11th! Come enjoy a fun parade, a senior scooter parade and food trucks!

You can click the links below for details and a map of the parade route!
Lifestyle Events
We are excited to see the return of in-person events! Keep in mind that we are still in the "Yellow" or "Low-Risk" Phase of the state's COVID-19 recovery plan and there will be restrictions and guidelines in place. Face coverings will be recommended. Social distancing guidelines will be implemented. Click on the links above for more information.

For information on upcoming Board meetings, please visit www.suncrestoa.com
Be sure to check in here for all the latest on pool reservations, swim lessons and more!
Pool Reservations
Moving forward, we will be sending out a new link shortly before noon every Monday (for reservations on Tuesday through Friday) and on Thursday (for reservations on Saturday through Monday). So it will be a new link each time. You can also find the link on our Facebook page, as well as the Recent News section of our website.

Be sure to read all rules and policies prior to making your reservations.
Swim Lessons
We offer a variety of swim lessons at our pool, instructed by our certified lifeguards. These range from Parent & Me lessons to Swim Endurance/Pre-Swim Team lessons. Download our Swim Lesson Packet for all the details on the various classes.

To sign up for a class, or if you have questions on which class to sign your kids up for, call the Clubhouse and ask for the Lifeguard office, or stop by next time you are at the pool.
View & Download Pool Information
Firewise Information
As we learned this past weekend, the fire danger in and around our neighborhoods is extremely high and fires can get out of hand very quickly. There are certain things you can do to help make your home and our community Firewise. We encourage you to take a few minutes to review the links below and try to implement as many of the tips and suggestions as possible.

As a reminder, an Architectural Improvement Application must be submitted to the Design Review Board prior to beginning any work on your home. This would include, landscaping changes, sheds, driveway expansions, decks/patios, paint or any other permanent changes to your property.

Discounts and Special Deals

Aimee Toner
Covenants & Architectural Coordinator
atoner@ccmcnet.com | 385-787-5070
Classes & Programs
Kids Martial Arts Classes - Martial Arts classes are back! These classes are held each Wednesday evening on the basketball court or Village Green, depending on availability. Check out their flyer for more info.
Do you have a class or seminar you'd like to offer to the residents of SunCrest? Contact Josh or Tracy , or call the OA Office at 801-572-1233 for more info!
Board of Trustees & Committees
The SunCrest Board of Trustees is responsible for overseeing the processes of the community, including policies, budget and general community oversight. Additionally, the SunCrest OA has a Budget & Finance Committee, as well as a Covenants Committee. Both of these groups are comprised of SunCrest residents and serve in an advisory capacity to the Board of Trustees. To learn more about these committees, how to contact them and how you can get involved, click the links below.

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Holiday hours may vary

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