Quarterly Newsletter  
April - June 2017
Issue 2

From L-R: Victor Lopez, Executive Director, Hispanic Coalition of Greater Waterbury; Kevin Taylor, Executive Director, NHSW; Liz Brown, Board President, Waterbury Board of Education; and Paula Van Ness, CEO/President, CT Community Foundation

On April 5, the Working Cities Challenge celebrated the 10 Connecticut cities to be awarded $15,000 to support collaborative economic development strategies. As co-lead applicants for the City of Waterbury, representatives from Neighborhood Housing Services of Waterbury and the Hispanic Coalition of Greater Waterbury were among the attendees.

"As co-leads, our agencies came together with local entities to submit a proposal to utilize a Two Generation lens and neighborhood focus to address the opportunity gap facing low income parents (especially women) of color by creating a system of targeted, coordinated supports including: education, workforce, childcare/enrichment, social connectedness and health to create a legacy of economic opportunity" said NHSW's Kevin Taylor. 

The celebratory event featured members of each winning team along with leaders from the non-profit sector, like Paula Van Ness of CT Community Foundation (pictured above), funders, partners and guest speakers including Governor Malloy. 

Stay tuned for updates as NHSW and the rest of the team embark further on this project. 

On Thursday, March 16, almost 200 people attended the 1st Annual Home Matters Dinner & Benefit to support Neighborhood Housing Services of Waterbury (NHSW). The event, which took place at La Bella Vista in Waterbury, showcased seven custom doll houses created by Connecticut-based architects as part of the NHSW’s Design Challenge. 

Proceeds of the event will support the construction of a Waterbury home to be built at 22 Griggs Street and NHSW’s community building and engagement efforts in the North End. For photos from the event, please click here

Thank you to all the donors, volunteers, sponsors and attendees for supporting this dinner!
To sponsor the 2018 Dinner,  contact  Maybeth Morales-Davis203.753.1896 x14.

Our real-estate development efforts continue with the homes at 933 Cooke Street and 54 Summer StreetVolunteers are needed to assist with renovation projects on both of these homes. Also, the Adams Street Redevelopment Project is scheduled to begin construction in the Summer of 2017. 

Contact Eden Brown to volunteer or for more information, 203.753.1896.

Emergencies don't have to be financial disasters; start saving now!

You're laid off at work. Your car needs a new transmission. Your furnace blows. These are all costly emergencies that can't usually be anticipated and cannot be avoided once they occur. Without a fund set aside just for such emergencies, they can trigger even greater disasters.

A good rule of thumb is to have enough funds set aside to cover three to six months (some say four to seven) of living expenses. However, anything in the bank is better than nothing—and $500 will get you out of many scrapes that would otherwise put you in the hole. In other words, start small if you have to, but start.

Here are a few tips:
Set up a savings account just for this purpose .   Separate it from the accounts you tap into on a regular basis so you're not tempted to dip into your reserves. Do not get access to it via debit card. And if you are issued a checkbook, hide it. 

Save your tax refund. The average refund is in the thousands, which can give a good boost to your emergency savings. When you file your taxes, consider having your refund directly deposited into your emergency account. Alternatively, adjust your W-4 tax form so that you have less money withheld, and direct the extra into your emergency fund.
Keep the change. When you get $1 and $5 bills after breaking a $20, drop some in a jar at home. When the jar fills up, move it into your savings account. And if you have money left after paying your bills at the end of a pay period, move some into your emergency fund.
Cut back on costs. If you’re still falling short on saving, track your spending for a month to find discretionary expenses you don't really need. Meals out, stops at coffee shops,drinks with friends all add up fast, but you may not realize how much you’re spending in total until you’ve put it on paper.
Neighborhood Housing Services of Waterbury offers financial education and coaching to help you follow these guidelines. Emergencies are upsetting enough. Don't allow them to turn into financial catastrophes as well.
Bring the little ones to join us for our Annual Easter Egg Hunt. To be held at Reed Elementary School, Waterbury, 2:30-5:00pm. Admission is $1.00/child. Contact Erika Cooper for more information, 203.753.1896. 
Walsh Elementary School is extremely excited to have been selected as a site for this year’s 16th Anniversary Comcast Cares Day on Saturday, April 22nd, 2017. This is also the site of our Almost Home After-School program. We are thrilled that as a partner, Neighborhood Housing Services of Waterbury will be here at Walsh on that day for beautification projects like; cleaning, painting, and organizing. They will also be doing projects outside to create incredible curb appeal and beautiful spaces for our children to play.

We ask that you sign up to volunteer with us as together we can ensure that when the students return on Monday, April 24th they will be smiling from ear to ear when the see what we have accomplished as a community!

Here are few event details:
  • All volunteers are welcome, children, seniors, families, and friends
  • A light breakfast and lunch will be provided
  • We will begin registration at 8:00 am at the school, 55 Dikeman Street, Waterbury, CT
  • Every volunteer will receive a Comcast Cares Day t-shirt 
  • The event will wrap up around 1:00 pm

Don’t wait, use the link below to register and sign up today! Join us to Make Change Happen for Walsh Elementary School on Comcast Cares Day! Contact Maybeth Morales-Davis for more information, 203.753.1896.

Help us Spruce up Walsh Elementary School Comcast Cares Day 2017!

NHSW is participating in Give Local Greater Waterbury & Litchfield Hills, this April 25-26.

This 36-hour online giving event unites donors, businesses, and organizations in giving back to NHSW and others. During the campaign, every dollar donated is stretched with bonus funds adding excitement and incentives while raising essential funds for the work of NHSW. Join us!

This program consists of 4 workshops designed to provide essential knowledge and resources on topics such as: civic engagement, community resources, financial responsibility, and self-care. This workshop is geared toward residents who might not be aware of the community resources available to them. This program is designed and conducted by a local grass-roots group called Waterbury Resident Leaders. This is a fun, information filled program taught by local community leaders. All 4 workshops are free and dinner will be provided.  

If interested please contact Eden Brown at ebrown@nhswaterbury.org for more information and to complete an application. 

Join us for a small trip to Cheshre to ride horses at Half Moon Farm. $10/child and transportation will be provided. The bus will leave at 10:00am at the NHSW office - 161 North Main St., Waterbury. Please contact Erika Cooper to reserve your child's spot, 203-753-1896.
Join us in celebration of all the amazing Mothers out there. Our students from the Almost Home Youth Social Change/STEAM after-school program will wow you with their amazing new drumming skills. The concert will be held at Walsh Elementary School, 55 Dikeman St., Waterbury, 5:00pm. Contact  Erika Cooper for more information, 203.753.1896.
Each June, NHSW joins NeighborWorks America and its network of local organizations to mobilize tens of thousands of volunteers, businesspeople, neighbors, friends, and local and national elected and civic leaders in a week of neighborhood change and awareness. Stay tuned for fun events and activities planned for that week. Contact Erika Cooper for more information, 203.753.1896.
Click here for more information.
Thank you!
April 6, May 4, June 8, 5:00 - 7:00 pm

April 19, May 24, June 21, 5:30 - 8:30 pm 

April 8, May 13, June 10, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

April 5, May 10, June 7, 5:00 - 7:00 pm

April 12, May 17, June 14, 5:30 - 8:30 pm

June 24, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Classes are FREE, SMALL & FRIENDLY and taught in our Waterbury office. 

Contact Bonnie Volpe for more information, 203.753.1869 x10. 

Home Matters is a national movement that’s redefining the American Dream. We believe the New American Dream is one where every American lives in a safe, nurturing environment with access to quality education, healthcare, public spaces and community services.

To learn more about Home Matters click here