Vol.12, 2019

During this festive season of celebrating family and abundance, all of us at Casa de Kids and our 23 students send you our warmest wishes for a memorable season. We thank you for giving hope to vulnerable youth in one of Mexico's poorest states. 

Thanks to everyone who supported our programs this year, we are able to provide ongoing education and essentials to our students. You've also made it possible for us to welcome new ones! Your generous donations make a big impact in the lives of many, and whose positive effect will be experienced for generations.

In gratitude,
Drew Vogt
Casa de Kids President/cofounder

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world
Nelson Mandela
New student, Laura!
Your ongoing support makes it possible for our group of students to expand! Our newest student is Laura who comes from a small rural town on Oaxaca's coast. She has eight siblings and is the only one who has moved to Oaxaca city to pursue higher education. Living in a tiny room for years, she's shown independence and resourcefulness and just needs a little help finishing school. As a Senior in a local college, she will become an elementary school teacher. Casa de Kids will help her finish and go on to a successful career in 2020.
Why Oaxaca? 
Oaxaca City is the capital of the state of Oaxaca (pronounced wah-ha-kah). While our state is famous for native and culinary arts, it ranks as the country's third poorest with one of the highest illiteracy rates. Its mountainous terrain makes commerce and education difficult, attracting many seeking a better life to Oaxaca City.
Students & Community Involvement
We always encourage our students to support community activities and lead by example. December 1st was World AIDS Day. Casa de Kids staff, Drew and Pamela, and two students participated in a 5K run to benefit a local HIV awareness campaign. This major event was organized by Jose, one of our medical students and hosted by a state of Oaxaca University (URSE). Great news, one of our forensic science students, Berenice, WON second place in the 5K run, and Eraclio placed fifth in the men's category. Congratulations to both students! 

Meeting Eraclio & Exploring His Village, Part I: 
Eraclio has been a student in the Casa de Kids program for one year. He's from a remote mountain village in the jungle on the eastern side of Oaxaca's tallest mountain range. His village of 97  people, sits high up on a mountain between ancient ruins where they speak a native dialect, and Spanish is their second language. This remote site has no cars nor roads, making it even more fascinating that Eraclio would go away to college to study mechanical engineering.  This week, Drew, Pamela and 2 caravans will traverse on foot up the mountain to learn more about his roots and culture. In January, we will share with you Part II. 

To empower disadvantaged youth with education and life skills, enabling them to break cycles of poverty.
A world where youth are treated with respect and empowered through education, thriving in equality, integrity and freedom, creating the life of their dreams, while giving back to their community.
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