CPS Summer Update
Wednesday, August 7, 2019
Summer Update
School Uniforms
Reminder: All students are expected to be in uniform on the first day of school, Monday, August 26, 2019.

Please be reminded that Lands’ End is the  sole  provider of school uniform bottoms, shirts, and sweaters. All of these uniform pieces must be purchased through Lands’ End. The preferred school code is  900101890 . For more details, go to:  https://www.landsend.com/pp/SchoolSearch.html?action=landing&selectedSchoolNum=900101890 . Make sure you are on the specific Concordia Prep website. You may also visit the Lands End store in Hunt Valley Towns Centre.

Below is an overview of the dress code from the Upper School and Middle School handbooks:

Uniform items purchased from Lands' End are:
  • Short-sleeve or long-sleeve white, red, and gray polo shirts for Upper School, white long-sleeve button-down “School Uniform Long Sleeve” Oxford shirt (boys) and white long-sleeve button-down "School Uniform Long Sleeve" Oxford shirt (girls)
  • Sweaters, khaki pants, shorts (Middle School), skorts, and proper fitting black or brown belts. Shorts may be worn only on designated Out of Uniform Dress Days in the Upper School. Shorts may be worn by Middle School students every day. 
  • All polos and sweaters must have the approved Concordia Prep logo. 
  • Please be reminded while ordering that all students with visible tattoos must have them covered at all times.  
If you have any questions about the Concordia Preparatory School-Sponsored Dress Code, please contact Curtis Miller at   CurtisMiller@ConcordiaPrepSchool.org.

Acceptable Shoe Policy
Please review the following PDF for details about the acceptable shoes for Upper School and Middle School students. Middle School students may also wear athletic shoes that must not exceed three colors including the brand logo and may not have metallic/shiny finishes.

Middle School Gym Uniforms
All Middle School students need to purchase a gym uniform. The online store has been reopened and will close on Wednesday, August 14.

Middle School Enrichment Course Selection
Please fill out the following information for your choices of Middle School enrichment courses. There are two possible enrichment courses per semester. Choose up to four semesters worth of courses. Please return the form to Ms. Martha Bainbridge by Friday, August 9 ( marthabainbridge@concordiaprepschool.org). The form is an interactive PDF. You may download the form to your computer, fill it out, save it with your last name, and email it to Ms. Bainbridge.

PTL Meeting: Monday, August 12
All are invited to the first PTL meeting of the year on Monday, August 12 at 6:30 pm in the Media Center. Used uniforms will be available for purchase . After the August meeting, the PTL meetings will be held the second Tuesday of every month at 6:30 pm in the Media Center.

Changing FACTS Payment Dates
Did you know that you may change the date of your monthly FACTS payment? To change a payment, please email Jim Carter at  jimcarter@concordiaprepschool.org . Please notify us at least 48 hours in advance to move a payment. You may move two payments during the school year at no charge. There is a $10.00 charge per payment for moving more than two payments.

Attention New Upper School Families
All Upper School students should set up a meeting with our Guidance and College Counselor, Mrs. Kim Grill. Mrs. Grill will have access to your placement test results, which she will use to help build your students schedule. Please schedule an appointment via email at: kimgrill@concordiaprepschool.org .

CPS Summer Work for New and Returning Students
To help maintain your skills and to help prepare you for the academic challenges of the 2019-2020 school year, some classes require coursework to take place over the summer months.

The links are available on the Concordia Prep website under the “Students” tab. The links are also on the  New Student Information web page.

Middle School Supply List
Middle School students should download the Middle School supply list:  Middle School Supply List

Upper School Fall Sports Tryouts
  • Football: Monday, August 5
  • Other MIAA Fall Sports (boys' teams): Monday, August 12
  • IAAM Sports (girls' teams): Thursday, August 15

Middle School sports begin after labor day.

Upper School Preseason Fall Sports Parent-Athlete Meetings

2019-2020 Bus Information
Concordia Preparatory School is pleased to announce bus transportation to and from school for the 2019-2020 academic year. There are two routes:
  1. Catonsville Route: The Catonsville bus leaves the Ingleside Shopping Center (5668 Baltimore National Pike) in Catonsville each school day at 6:45 am. It stops at 7405 Liberty Road at approximately 7:00 am and then continues to Concordia Prep. The bus leaves CPS each school day at 3:30 pm and stops at Catonsville and Liberty Road.
  2. Harford County Route: The Harford County bus leaves Harford Mall (696 Belair Road) each school day at 6:40 am. It stops at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church and School (12022 Jerusalem Road) at approximately 7:00 am and then continues to Concordia Prep. The bus leaves CPS each school day at 3:30 pm and stops at St. Paul’s and Harford Mall.

Payment Options:
  1. Pay the bus service fee for the 2019-2020 school year before the school year begins on August 27, 2019. Parents who choose this option will receive a 5% discount in the yearly cost of the bus.
  2. Pay the bus service fee monthly through the FACTS Tuition Management program.

Cost:  The cost of the 2019-2020 bus service is $1,125.00 for the entire year or $125.00 per month from August 2019 through May 2020. Parents who pay the entire year before August will pay $1,068.75 (5% discount).

Questions?  Please email Jim Carter at   jimcarter@concordiaprepschool.org  with any questions.
Thank you!

From the School Nurse
Over the counter Medication form: Remember to get your child's physician to complete an   Over the Counter Medication Authorization Form  for next school year. This will allow the nurse to give your child medications for pain, cough, sore throats and skin irritation (acetaminophen, ibuprofen, cough drops, itch cream and skin care). The form is available from the nurse or on the website under "Forms and Publications". It is school policy that prescription and non prescription medications are kept in the health suite and administered by the nurse.   Download the Over the Counter Medication Authorization Form

Returning students- Parents please complete the  Returning Student Medical Statement/Health Information and Emergency Contact    form for the next school year which is available on the website under "Menu" and "Middle or Upper School Parents" and "Forms and Publications". The form should be given to the nurse in August.

Remember if you have your child's physical exam done over the summer, it is good for the entire school year (all three sports seasons). The  PreParticipation Physical Evaluation Form  is also available from the nurse or on the website. For any questions contact Ellen Marquardt at 410-825-2323 Ext 244 or  ellenmarquardt@concordiaprepschool.org
2019-20 School Year
Fall Sports Tryouts:

Football - Monday August 5th

Other MIAA Fall Sports (Boys' Teams) - Monday August 12th

IAAM Fall Sports (Girl's' Teams) - Thursday, August 15

Monday, August 12: PTL Meeting at 6:30 pm

Thursday, August 22: NEW Student Orientation at 6:30 pm

Monday, August 26: First Day of Classes, Opening Chapel at 8:05 am

Friday, August 30: School Closed Labor Day Break

Monday, September 2:  School Closed for Labor Day

Thursday, September 5:  Back to School Night from 6:30 to 8:30 pm