June 2023

Unveiling the Latest CISG Consensus Statement on Concussion in Sport

We are thrilled to share an important update in sports medicine - the latest release of the international Concussion in Sport Group (CISG) consensus statement on the management of sports concussions, hot off the press from the British Journal of Sports Medicine this week.

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Introducing the Sport Concussion Assessment Tool – 6th Edition (SCAT6)

In conjunction with the new CISG consensus statement, the release of the 6th edition of the Sport Concussion Assessment Tool (SCAT6) marks a significant milestone in the field of concussion management. Learn more about the process behind the design of this tool, and what's new in this edition.

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April 2023 Speaker Series: Dr. Ruben Echemendia

On Thursday, April 13, 2023, the Concussion Center hosted Dr. Ruben Echemendia, an internationally renowned concussion expert, in our Speaker Series. He discussed the process and science underlying the new SCAT6 tools. With the new release of SCAT6 and the CISG Statement on Concussion in Sport, the recording of Dr. Echemendia's talk is now available.

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How Zebrafish Sheds Light on Brain Injury Research: Meet Dr. Kanagaraj Palsamy

Dr. Kanagaraj Palsamy, fondly known as Kanagu, is no ordinary researcher. In this story, he shared his research projects using zebrafish, his long-term goal to translate findings into humans, and the plan to expand his research to brain injury and concussion.

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From the Football Field to the Frontlines of Medicine: Meet Marco Savone

Marco Savone, former collegiate football player and now Clinical Research Coordinator at Michigan Medicine’s Oncology Clinical Trial Support Unit, is paving his path to make a difference in the world of medicine and athlete safety. 

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Unifying Forces: U-M Concussion Center and USOPC Partner to Address Concussion Risks in Parasports

Due to the nature of their sports, parasport athletes may be exposed to an increased risk of concussions. To support a better understanding of concussion risk and short and long-term outcomes in Paralympic athletes, the University of Michigan Concussion Center, along with the Exercise and Sport Science Initiative, is proud to announce a partnership with the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USPOC). Learn more about this new partnership and our collective goal to promote safety and well-being for parasport athletes through research collaborations.

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One Helmet at a Time: Empowering Communities through Pop-up Safety Town

The Concussion Center is proud to support Dr. Andy Hashikawa’s Pop-up Safety Town initiative, providing age-focused injury prevention resources to Michigan’s underserved communities. In the 2022-2023 school year, Dr. Hashikawa led many successful events across the state. Locations included the Marygrove Conservancy in the Detroit Public School Community District, Cummings Head Start Center in Flint, Genesee Intermediate School District (GISD), Jackson, Ypsilanti, Addison, and Whitmore Lake. Our shared mission saw us fit over 600 helmets, a step towards our goal of extending our reach to more underserved communities.

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As many of us celebrate Pride Month this June, we would like to draw your attention to various resources coordinated by U-M's Spectrum Center, the first center in higher education established to support LGBTQIA2S+ communities on campus.

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Embracing the Rehabilitation Neuropsychology Approach: Jasmine Morigney’s Contribution to U-M’s Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program

Jasmine Morigney, PhD candidate at Eastern Michigan University, shared her practicum experience working with Concussion Center member Dr. Katharine Seagly through the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program, which aims to support all traumatic brain injury patients’ recovery journey through evidence-based, time-limited comprehensive programming and services. One key focus area of this program is concussion management, which has proven to be invaluable for patients suffering from prolonged post-injury symptoms.

Concussion in the News

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"The Headache and Art Program"

In an innovative educational approach, a neurologist from New York City has crafted a unique program that uses art and creativity to teach high school students about brain disorders, such as migraine and concussion. By integrating art into the curriculum, the program makes these complex subjects more accessible and enjoyable to learn.

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International Efforts in Reducing Inconsistencies in Concussion Diagnosis

Canadian researchers from the University of British Columbia have revolutionized the approach to diagnosing concussions by creating a new, standardized set of criteria. They emphasize the importance of understanding how an injury occurred, detecting more than one symptom, and being mindful of overlapping symptoms with other conditions.

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Women's Gymnastics Brings High Risks for Concussion

Center Director, Dr. Steve Broglio, was quoted in various news reports earlier this month, highlighting findings from a recent study, where female gymnastics showed a higher risk for concussion, contrary to common beliefs. “Everybody worries about football, ice hockey, and men’s and women’s soccer, but gymnastics is out there by themselves with a preseason injury risk that we didn’t expect to see,” Broglio said.

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Concussion Headliners Podcast

Did you ever wonder how concussion researchers got interested in the field? Or, what motivates people in promoting brain health every day? Join us as we have informal conversations with world-renowned concussion researchers, clinicians and advocates to help you get to know them a little better.

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