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Concussion Legislation Updates

As you know, Ontario Sailing recently updated their concussion management and return to play policy to take into account current research and in preparation for the upcoming implementation of Rowan's Law.

Rowan's Law was passed March 2018 and has several requirements that sport organizations will need to put in place to ensure proper and safe care of participants who may receive a concussion in activities associated with Sport.

The law itself had many areas that required further clarification and the Ministry of Tourism, Culture & Sport has been consulting with sport leaders, medical experts and the general public to gather input on what the details of the Law, the regulations, should include.

Yesterday, the Ministry released their current draft of proposed regulations for more input. The draft still has some areas that are unclear but one item that became clear is that the timeline for implementation may be sooner than we originally anticipated.

Ontario Sailing is doing a thorough review of the draft that was presented and is preparing a comprehensive and concise communication back to the Ministry on behalf of Ontario Sailing and our member associations. During the Concussion Policy roll out, we received a wide variety of feedback and some challenges of implementation were highlighted.  We will incorporate that feedback, where it applies, into our feedback to the Ministry on their draft. If you have further information you want us to include, please feel free to send your comments to Lisa Roddie who has been championing our current concussion work at lisa@ontariosailing.ca . Please have any comments on the current work from the Ministry to Lisa by April 15th  to be included.

Ontario Sailing will continue to stay on top of the requirements for organizations under this new law and when the regulations are finalized, will ensure everyone is up to date on what this means for you.

Thanks for your support of our work on your behalf.

Glenn Lethbridge
Executive Director, Ontario Sailing
905-572-7245 or 1-888-672-7245 ext 224

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