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Conduit straps are designed to support EMT ( Electrical Metal Tubing) to wood, masonry, and other surfaces. established in Spring 2019 is an online store for the product manufacture PMD.

PMD is a full-service metal stamping company that manufactures stamped metal parts for a myriad of industries. With their online store, you can now purchase from their wide myriad of sizes, to meet the requirements of your needs.

EMT Straps - are designed with a snap-on feature for easy installation, and provide load-bearing compacity when mounting to a surface.

Rigid Straps - are designed to provide support for Rigid conduit while mounting to a surface.

1 Hole AC Strap | 1 Hole MC Straps - are designed to provide support for armored or metal-clad cable.

If you are in need of purchasing conduit straps please visit for a complete listing of all the types and sizes available.

PMD manufactures both standard and custom-designed conduit straps, hangers, reducing washers, and other electrical hardware items using precision stamping equipment.

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