Annual Gathering 2022 - Friday

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Welcome to the 2022 Annual Gathering!!

The 2022 NLS Host Committee welcomes those attending in person to the 2022 NLS Annual Gathering held at Texas Lutheran University in Seguin, Texas. We also welcome our brothers and sisters in Christ following us on Facebook and our website and those delegates attending virtually. It's been a long 2 years, but we are excited to finally meet in person! 

Our last 2022 Annual Gathering Conexiones will be sent out Saturday night.

2022 Annual Gathering Group Photo

Morning Worship

Morning worship the Pastor spoke about Mary Magdalene, and how she reacted after seeing the stone removed from the tomb. A wonderful reminder of the power of faith. 

Town Hall with the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee held a town hall to answer any questions attendees have.  It was a great way to get feedback from everyone as well.

Those not attending this town hall meeting were encouraged to attend one of these EOIs:

  • Letter to God by Debbie Klatt
  • Clergy Experience by Sue Bathe
  • Palanca by Carolyn Johnson

Forum 1: 

Revival of Love

Father Steven Kalas

Revival of Love discussion by Father Steven Kalas. If you haven’t heard him talk, it’s worth it to travel to see him! “Perfect love casts out fear, because perfect love crucifies it!"

Forum 2: 

What's a Disciple in the world We have Now?

Steve Gielda

Steve gave a passionate and emotional talk about what it means to be a disciple in today's world.  

Today's Afternoon EOIs:

  • Lay Director Roundtable with John Aclin
  • Fishers of Spiritual Directors with Rev. Sue Beal, Father Steven Kalas and Bishop Mike Rinehart
  • Revival of the Fourth Day with David Deeds
  • RC Roundtable with Karen Weires
  • Tech Talk with Eric Needles
  • Share Weekend Practices (RC Panel)
  • Encouraging Millennials with BobbyJo Koski and Alyssa Briggs
  • Fruit of Sponsorships with Brian Comeno
  • Conflict Resolution with John Aclin

Regional meetings were held after dinner.

Some Pictures from fellowship!!!!

Check out the NLS Facebook Page!  We are posting to Facebook via Facebook Live during the services, and some of the other meetings. And we're already seeing some amazing numbers!  Our opening service has over 150 views already!

Our hope is that everyone who wanted to come to the Annual Gathering, but couldn’t could still see what’s going on down here in Seguin.  

Keep A Look Out on Your Email!!

We still have 1 more day of the Annual Gathering to share! 

Also, keep an eye out for a very special edition of Conexiones after the Annual Gathering!