Annual Gathering 2022 - Thursday 

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Welcome to the 2022 Annual Gathering!!

The 2022 NLS Host Committee welcomes those attending in person to the 2022 NLS Annual Gathering held at Texas Lutheran University in Seguin, Texas.  We also welcome our brothers and sisters in Christ following us on Facebook and our website and those delegates attending virtually.  It's been a long 2 years, but we are excited to finally meet in person! 

For the next three nights, Conexiones will be sent out to and will highlight just some of the ways we are celebrating being together.

Opening Service

Bishop Rinehart gave the opening service. What a service it was! All about loving your neighbor as you love yourself! This was the perfect service to have prior to the Keynote speaker. 

Keynote Speaker

Pastor Jennifer Gold

Love One Another

Pastor Jennifer spoke with passion about how we need to on another as Jesus loved us.  Through her personal mission stories, we were given insight into moments where she was able to see how loving like Jesus can impact  the world.  A love revolution!  Jesus laying down His life for us!  Thank you Pastor for such a passionate and touching talk!

Business Meeting

Part 1

With the business meeting being a hybrid this year, the plan is to keep the business meetings as simple as possible.  John Aclin, NLS President, opened the first session of the meeting opened at 4:10pmafter figuring out the technology to allow the virtual delegates to participate.  Pastor Sue Beal led us in prayer. John Aclin then made the formal request to accept the virtual delegates, which passed.

The delegates in the room were seated and a quorum was established. Pastor Sue commissioned the 2022 delegates.  After introductions of the Executive Committee members, John Aclin reviewed the election process.  The following nominees were presented, none being added by the floor:

  • Secretary:  Carolyn Witham
  • Vice President of Administration:  Jane Winge
  • Treasurer:  Steve Barnett & Raleigh Sandy
  • Spiritual Director:  Pastor Karl Gaston & Pastor Percy Smerek

Delegate BobbieJo Koski of Wisconsin requested we accept Carolyn Witham as Secretary and Jane Winge as Vice President of Administration by acclamation since there are no other nominees.  That request passed.

Treasurer Jim Ryan presented the proposed budget virtually as he was unable to attend in person.  The proposed budget for the next year is the same as the one for this year.  John Aclin and the rest of the Executive Committee fielded questions from those attending.

John Aclin announced there will be no business meeting on Friday, instead there will be a chance to meet with the Executive committee for a question an answer time.  The meeting was recessed until Saturday, July 23rd at 1:15pm CDT.

Q & A with the Nominees

Brian Schwarz lead a question and answer session with the nominees for Treasurer and Spiritual Director.

Check out the NLS Facebook Page!  We are posting to Facebook via Facebook Live during the services, and some of the other meetings. And we're already seeing some amazing numbers!  Our opening service has over 150 views already!

Our hope is that everyone who wanted to come to the Annual Gathering, but couldn’t could still see what’s going on down here in Seguin.  

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Also, keep an eye out for a very special edition of Conexiones after the Annual Gathering!