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PPM Pastors Conference 2017: 
Yendo a Todo el Mundo!
We had an incredible time hosting our 2nd Annual PPM Pastor's Conference.  We had over 60 pastors, spouses, and leaders in attendance as we challenged them from Matthew 28:19-20 to GO into all the world.  The PPM trip shirts this year had "Going into all of the world" on the back of them.  We challenged our pastors that they too should be GOING (AYENDO in Spanish) and not just receiving teams.

The morning consisted of pastors sharing testimonies of the fruit from the trip that they hosted.  We had worship, and challenged the pastors using the missionary adventures of Paul as the first missionary.

The afternoon sessions were led by local pastors teaching how to cook for teams, how to prepare the church for a mission team, and how to keep the fruit after the team has gone.  

It was a whirlwind of a day running this large event and trying to connect with our pastors. My joy came from visiting with some of our pastors after the conference.  Over and over our pastors told us how they were reenergized and look forward to GOING like they used to.  Many of them used to be mission focused, but with the demands of the church, they quickly became focused inward.  Reports are still coming in as we hear of pastors making plans to take their church on a trip soon to support another church, some in Costa Rica and some to another country!
"Corn Flakes & Milk...Can you believe it?"
This month I also had the opportunity to lead a trip from Abundant Life with my friend Devin Blankenbiller as the pastor/group leader.  Every day the team worked on the parsonage for Pastor Adolfo.  They woke up early each day to maximize the amount of work they could get accomplished.  In the afternoons they did Food Distribution to 20 different families.

One of the stops was at the home of a woman and her two small boys.  While one of the participants was explaining why we had come to her home and started praying with the mother, I watched as the boys starting ripping through the bag of food.  Usually we do not get to see people open the bag, but these young boys could not wait.  They frantically pulled out each item celebrating the food they had received. 

Then I heard the words I will never forget, "Corn Flakes and milk...Can you believe it?!"  These boys were so excited for a bag of cereal and boxed milk!  How easily we forget how blessed we are!  A simple bag of food brings nourishment to bodies and allows us to bring spiritual nourishment to their souls because of Jesus Christ.

Check out their full Trip Journal!
Upcoming Trips & Prayer Requests
November is going to be a great month with two mission teams serving here and a lot of visitors!

1.   November 4 - 10, serving with Radiant Church from Michigan as we partner with a church in Santa Barbara.  A second team will simultaneously be serving from Carolina Forest Community Church in LaCruz.

2.  We will also be having visitors from our PPM family, as well as Nathan's parents coming!

3. Thanksgiving Celebration with our PPM 2017 Staff.

4.  Please also keep our Christmas travels in your prayers.  Right now we are working on mapping out the best course to make the most of our time in the USA over the holiday season.  And yes, we have started watching Christmas movies already in anticipation of cold weather!
Photos we couldn't NOT share!
Too much sibling love!
Jonathan is our only full-time staff.  We could not do what we do without his anointed translating, heart-felt care for our pastors, and excellence in working out all kinds of details for PPM Costa Rica.
Malachi LOVES soccer.  No, he seriously loves it! 
Malachi's class took 2nd place in the schools intramural tournament!
We honored Pastor Jose Blas at our Pastor's Conference by giving flowers to his wife, Pastora Cledy, along with a beautiful plaque honoring his pioneering of PPM in Costa Rica.
Reagan met Pastor Jesus and Pastora Xiomara in Parrita on her first mission trip to Costa Rica when she was 8 years old.  She loves being able to see them face to face at our Pastor's Conference!
Nathan, Laura, Darrell 
(in the USA), Reagan, Abigail,  Malachi,  & Isaiah