Conference Communiqué
Career Connections Event
Building upon the success of last year’s inaugural event at the annual conference, the 2018 Career Connections event will include more employers and an informative forum discussion on alternative income options for ESL professionals.
Career Booster Forum
Build your career…build your income
Thursday, November 1 @ 12:40 pm - 1:40 pm
The Career Booster Forum is open to conference attendees only.
Monetizing your Professional Skills
Patrice Palmer, Owner of Teacher to Teacherpreneur and Happiness @ Work
Are you looking for ways to combine your skills, creativity and expertise to earn additional income outside the classroom? There are many opportunities online such as teaching, writing, editing and research positions but knowing where to look is key. I will provide some ideas and tips to help you get started.
From Ideation to Paycheque: How ESL Professionals Can Make Money from their Ideas
Drew Smith, Beaver Maple Books, Hamilton Wentworth Catholic District School Board
Do you ever create content for use in the classroom? If so, chances are you already have a book's worth of material sitting on your laptop.  Creating, publishing and selling your own English-language material has never been easier.
Coaching for Success
Thura Aljubury, Sheridan College & ACCES Employment
Why only teach when you can work with your TESL and earn more? With the arrival of the Syrian refugees in 2015, the need for coaches, facilitators and translators has increased. Join me to know more about working as a coach, facilitator, and interpreter/ translator with your TESL for non-for-profit organizations.
Employer Exhibits
Thursday, November 1 @ 1:40 pm - 4:30 pm
The employer exhibits are open to all TESL Ontario members and students.
Conference registration is not required.
We currently have the following employers confirmed for the 2018 Career Connections event:

  • Canadian International Student Services (CISS)
  • Catholic Crosscultural Centre
  • Centre for Education & Training
  • Conestoga IELTS
  • English School of Canada
  • English Testing Canada (ETC)
  • Hansa Language Centre
  • Ryerson
  • Seneca College
  • St. George's Centre for ESL, Upper Grand District School Board
  • Toronto Catholic District School Board, Adult Education Program
  • Toronto District School Board
  • York Region District School Board

Calling All Employers!

Are you a hiring manager looking to connect with more than 800 ESL professionals across Ontario? Register for your free employer exhibit table by August 31, 2018.
Keynote Speakers
Gamification in Education: Hype or Useful Teacher Tool?

Presented by:
Dr. Deborah Healey, University of Oregon/TESOL International Association

Language teachers have long used games, but gamification – the use of game elements in non-game settings – is a recent concept. Businesses use gamification (points and badges) to increase customer loyalty. In education, is gamification "trendy," or could we use the motivating elements of gaming to re-think the classroom? This presentation will describe how I incorporated gamification into courses for pre-service and in-service teachers, and how the teacher-learners responded. I will also offer ways to get started for those who are interested. This Keynote presentation will be a remote presentation and displayed in a large room at the conference on a big screen with amplified sound and a moderator will be present.
Learning and Resilience

Presented by:
Asmaa Cober, Clinical Social Worker at Sanctuary Refugee Health Centre

Learning never happens in a vacuum. People bring all of their experiences with them to the classroom. Newcomers (and refugees in particular) have a life history -- experiences that greatly affect their ability to learn. Drawing on Asmaa’s experience working with refugees from various parts of the world, we’ll discuss the impact of the immigration and refugee experience, including various traumas on the brain, and the obstacles to learning that ensue. We will also propose a different viewpoint that focuses not just on obstacles, but on hope and resiliency – with the goal of helping students to overcome these obstacles. 
13th Annual TESL Ontario Panel Discussion
Building Thriving Communities
November 2, 2018 @ 9 AM
Keep abreast of the current trends, receive updates on initiatives, hear recommendations and have your questions answered at the 13th Annual Panel Discussion which brings together the following representatives from federal and provincial Ministries:

  • Yves Saint-Germain, Director, Language Policy, Francophone Communities and Performance Measurements, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada
  • Yvonne Ferrer, Director, Program Management and Evaluation, Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services, Citizenship and Immigration Division
  • Monica Neitzert, Director, Lifelong Learning and Essential Skills Branch, Workforce Policy and Innovation Division, Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development
  • Pauline McNaughton, Manager, Enhancement Programming, Program Implementation Branch, Student Achievement Division, Ontario Ministry of Education
2018 Conference Registration Fees
HST not included in prices
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