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Host a Solution Lab / Ignite Session
$1,500 - Members Only
What is a
Solution Lab?
Instead of an Exhibit Hall this year, VCIA is offering Solution Labs. The idea behind the Solution Lab is that your company offers solutions to a particular challenge being faced in the captive community. Your Lab will be custom branded and has interactive ways for you to connect with potential clients. Labs will be staffed for approximately 4 hours total during the conference - a big change from last year. Labs will contain a custom branded ‘Speakeasy Room’ to video chat and network with up to 14 people face to face, and up to 100 people in the room! Solution Labs are interactive, dynamic and will give you a professional presence at the 2021 VCIA Conference. Your materials stay accessible during the whole event.

Solution Labs will be open during the following tentative times during the conference:
Tuesday, August 10, 2021–12:35pm–1:30pm
Wednesday, August 11, 2021–12:05pm–1:30pm
Thursday, August 12, 2021–12:05pm–1:30pm

What is an Ignite Session?
Ignite is a high quality, brief Ted Talk-style of presentation which pitches a particular idea to an audience. VCIA will be hosting Ignite-style presentations at the 2021 conference for service providers to present to the captive community! Your Ignite presentation will speak to one of the challenges now being faced in the captive industry. If interested in being a part of this exciting event, here are the details:
Service providers who wish to showcase products and services which solve a particular business challenge are invited to become part of VCIA Ignite. You will develop and pre-record a 5–10 minute video ‘pitch’ which addresses a specific challenge. Your video will be run at a specific time and will be part of the conference schedule. After viewing, interested parties will be able to enter your Solution Lab video chat area, the ‘Speakeasy Room’, customized with your branding, to talk further about your offerings. From there, private meetings may be scheduled.  
Ignite Sessions will be presented during the following tentative times during the conference:
Tuesday, August 10, 2021–12:35pm–1:30pm
Wednesday, August 11, 2021–12:05pm–1:30pm
(Note: Ignite Sessions are not required of Solution Lab hosts, but participation in Solution Lab is required for all Ignite Session hosts)  
Be a Platinum or Gold Sponsor
Platinum and Gold sponsors receive enhanced exposure before and during the virtual event. Pre-conference promotions are received by over 7,000 recipients. See details below and email Janice at janice@vcia.com to reserve your space!
Host a Poster Display
$1,000 - Members Only
What is a Poster Display?
For those service providers not interested in hosting a Solution Lab or Ignite, VCIA offers a Poster area where service providers may simply display materials about their services and contact info. Posters are customizable to your brand and will be accessible during the entire conference. Attendees will see your info display and can contact you through this area to set up a time to meet!

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