NM Conference News
April 15 - 21, 2019
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  • 2019 Appointments
  • CBO Position - Still Accepting Apps
  • BoOM Scholarship Application Deadline - April 30th
  • Native American Sunday - May 5th
  • Annual Conference Volunteers Needed
  • Tobin Park Refugee Shelter Needs Donations!
  • Zimbabwe Farming Project Empowers Women, Girls
  • Upcoming Events
2019 Appointments
This week's appointments:
District: Amarillo    
Clergy: Wesley Holland (FE)
Appointed To: Spearman, FUMC 
Appointed From: Plains, FUMC 
Former Appointee: Jay Gage  
Announce Date: 4-14-19  
Effective Date: 7-1-19
District: Amarillo    
Clergy: Jay Gage (FE)
Appointed To: Leave of Absence 
Appointed From: Spearman, FUMC
Announce Date: 3-24-19  
Effective Date: 7-1-19
District: Albuquerque    
Clergy: Gerald Powley 
Appointed To: Espanola, Valley View UMC
Appointed From: No Appointment 
Former Appointee: Harry Riser 
Announce Date: 4-14-19  
Effective Date: 6-1-19
District: El Paso    
Clergy: John Schwarting (RE)
Appointed To: El Paso, Western Hills UMC - Interim Senior Pastor 
Appointed From: Retired 
Former Appointee: Robert Pelfrey
Announce Date: 4-14-19
Effective Date: 4-14-19
District: El Paso    
Clergy: Robert Pelfrey (FE)
Appointed To: Medical Leave of Absence 
Appointed From: El Paso, Western Hills UMC 
Announce Date: 4-7-19
Effective Date: 4-4-19
District: Albuquerque    
Clergy: Jennifer Hughes (SY) 25%
Appointed To: Grants, First UMC
Appointed From: No Appointment 
Former Appointee: Al Staggs (SY)
Announce Date: 4-14-19  
Effective Date: 5-25-19
District: Albuquerque    
Clergy: Reuben Thomas (RL) 25%
Appointed To: Rio Rancho, High Desert UMC
Appointed From: Rio Rancho, High Desert UMC
Former Appointee: Reuben Thomas (PL)   
Announce Date: 4-14-19  
Effective Date: 7-1-19
District: Albuquerque    
Clergy: Reuben Thomas (PL) 
Appointed To: Retired 
Appointed From: Rio Rancho, High Desert UMC
Effective Date: 7-1-19
District: Albuquerque    
Clergy: Eileen Utton (FE) 75%
Appointed To: Bloomfield, First UMC (Less than Full-time) 
Appointed From: Bloomfield, FUMC 
Former Appointee: Eileen Utton  
Announce Date: 4-14-19  
Effective Date: 7-1-19
District: Albuquerque    
Clergy: David Wilcox (PL) 50%
Appointed To: Albuquerque, Grace UMC
Appointed From: Albuquerque, Grace UMC 
Former Appointee: David Wilcox (SY)
Announce Date: 4-14-19
Effective Date: 7-1-19
Conference Benefits Officer - Still Accepting Applications
Position Announcement:  Conference Benefits Officer
Reports to:                           NMBPHB and NMAC Provost
Effective:                              May 20, 2019
FLSA:                                   Exempt/Salaried/Full-Time
Compensation:                    Starting at $53,000/year (plus benefits: health insurance, pension, life insurance), for a Probationary Period of 6 months, to be followed by a performance review.
Summary:  The New Mexico Annual Conference (NMAC) is an entity that oversees churches and clergy serving in New Mexico and West Texas. The Conference Benefits Officer works closely with the NM Board of Pension and Health Benefits, the NMAC, and Wespath.
Qualifications and Experience :
·     Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in business or related field or equivalent work experience (Note: human resource or benefits background desirable)
·     Experience with basic accounting practices
·     Familiarity with the ministries, structures, and practices of The UMC
·     Ability to travel for work (on occasion)
·     Flexibility in working with a variety of individuals in different settings/contexts
·     Highly organized, detail oriented, and can work independently
Application Materials Requested:  Interested applicants should complete and submit the following information:
·     letter of interest, which includes responses to these questions:
  • What is it about this position that appeals to you the most?
  • How has your past work experience prepared you for a role such as this?
·     current resumé, detailing qualifications and past work experience
All resumés and information, as well as any questions, should be submitted to Mark Ewing: mark@stpaulslascruces.com .
Dru Ann Kuntz is retiring. We need a CBO replacement ASAP.
Board of Ordained Ministry Scholarship Application Deadline - April 30th
The deadline to submit your 2019-2020 Board of Ordained Ministry Scholarship Application is April 30th. Questions? Contact Registrar, Linda Lucas at: linda@nmconfum.com .
Native American Sunday is May 5th
Did you know that there are about 150 Native American United Methodist Churches in the U.S.? In the NM Conference, we support 15 United Methodist congregations. The Committee on Native American Ministries is charged with distributing a percentage of Conference funds received from the annual Native American Sunday offering. This past year it was used to repair a church floor that had been washed out after a flood and for travel & registration for several Navajo women to attend the Annual UMW Assembly. We thank you for your support.

Please continue to pray for and support the Native American ministry. Click here for more info
Annual Conference Volunteers Needed!
If an Annual Conference runs smoothly, it is in large part due to all the hard work that went into planning and the anticipation of what will be required during the event. Every year, we know that a cadre of hearty volunteers to act as pages, tellers, greeters and registration desk folks will be a must for a successful conference. Volunteers help to keep the business sessions moving and to set a friendly, welcoming tone.

If you would like to volunteer or would like more information, please contact Roselie Johnston at rjohnston@nmconfum.com.
Deadline for Baptism Pics is May 5th
We have received 31 Baptism photos for use in a video to be shown during Annual Conference. Thanks to everyone who shared them with us. They are wonderful! If you would still like to send in your pictures, you have until May 5th. Please send them to Alli Newsom, Communications Director at alli@nmconfum.com. Thank you!
Zimbabwe Farming Project Empowers Women, Girls
By Kudzai Chingwe
Tendai Musandaka graduated high school in 2017, scoring well on her Advanced Level exams. However, the 21-year-old was unable to afford higher education so she returned to her rural home without any prospects for the future.
That all changed when she was chosen for a farming project led by The United Methodist Church’s Ministry with Women, Youth and Children. Now, she is determined to turn the opportunity into a steppingstone to transform her life and that of her five siblings. 

“I am strong minded that with this project a lot will be transformed in my life and that of my siblings, especially in advancing in our education,” Musandaka said.

The ministry has embarked on an aggressive empowerment program in the Marange District to avert the effects of the El Nino-induced drought. During the 2018-19 farming season, most farmers in Marange and many other districts lost their crops, leaving farmers struggling to provide for their families.
Tendai Musandaka, 20, holds a box of chicks that she and other women and girls will raise to generate income in Marange, Zimbabwe, which has been affected by drought. The farming program is led by The United Methodist Church’s Ministry with Women, Youth and Children and funded by the United Methodist Committee on Relief. Photo by Kudzai Chingwe, UMNS.
Upcoming Events
  • Judicial Council meets - April 23-26 - Evanston, Illinois
  • Pre-Conference Meeting - April 27 - University UMC, Las Cruces
  • Pre-Conference Meeting - April 27 - The Ridge, El Paso
  • Pre-Conference Meeting - May 4 - Asbury UMC, ABQ
  • Pre-Conference Meeting - May 11 - Asbury UMC, Odessa
  • Pre-Conference Meeting - May 11 - Trinity UMC, Roswell
  • Annual Conference - June 13-14 - Crowne Plaza, ABQ
  • Youth 2019 - July 10-14 - Kansas City, MO