NM Conference News
April 21- 28, 2020
In this Issue
  • New Appointments
  • Native American Ministries Sunday - April 26th
  • Should you Have a Wesleyan Class Meetings Online?
  • El Pueblito on Parade
  • Financial Stewardship: Why it is Personal
  • TMF Microloan Program
  • Landsun Homes Announcement
  • Council of Bishops Meeting to be Livestreamed
  • DACA Recipient Webinar - April 30th
  • Leadership Resilience Series - Rebekah Simon-Peter
  • Updated Conference COVID-19 Webpage
  • The 2020 Heritage Tour Canceled
  • Upcoming Events
New Appointments
District: Amarillo 
Clergy: Kirk Watson FE
Appointed To: Panhandle UMC
Appointed From: Haskell UMC
Former Appointee: Quita Jones
Announce Date: 4-19-2020
Effective Date: 7-1-2020

District: Abilene 
Clergy: Nadine Ilunga OE
Appointed To: Haskell UMC
Appointed From: El Paso St. Luke UMC
Former Appointee: Kirk Watson
Announce Date: 4-19-2020
Effective Date: 7-1-2020

District: Abilene 
Clergy: Cody Dykes FL
Appointed To: Munday UMC
Appointed From: Rotan UMC
Former Appointee: Benji Van Fleet
Announce Date: 4-19-2020
Effective Date: 7-1-2020

Native American Ministries Sunday - April 26th
Native American Ministries Sunday is celebrated throughout the connection on Sunday, April 26th. COVID-19 is ravaging the Navajo Nation. As of April 14th, there were 813 positive cases and 28 deaths due to COVID-19. This year, especially, we urge you to give to the Four Corners Ministry.
To Donate:
  • Four Corners Native American Ministry, PO Box 400, Shiprock, NM 87420.
  • Treasurer, Griselda Sandoval, New Mexico Conference, 11816 Lomas Blvd. NE, Albuquerque, NM 87112
We will be working with the Four Corners Ministry Leadership Team to formulate missional ways to serve our brothers and sisters in the NW corner of our Conference. Stay Tuned.

Four Corners Ministry Summit last year.
Should You Have Wesleyan Class Meetings Online?
by Kevin M. Watson
A few days ago, I asked you what you be most interested in reading from me. I was encouraged by the breadth and depth of responses. The most popular answer was some version of: How/whether to have class meetings online in this time of social distancing.

This post will do two things. First, I will briefly introduce Wesleyan class meetings. Second, I will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of having these meetings online. Look for a follow-up post that outlines an easy way to quickly launch class meetings in your church.
El Pueblito on Parade Video
Cheri Lyon, Pastor of El Pueblito Church in Taos shared a video she and her husband, Ron created to portray many of their church members staying at home with their pets. She said that it was "A low tech way of allowing everyone to see each other." Click here

What other low tech and no-tech methods are you using to connect your congregation? Send ideas to Alli Newsom, Communications Director at alli@nmconfum.com.
Financial Stewardship: Why it is Personal
with Bonnie Marden
Tuesday, April 28th at 2:00 pm & 7:00 pm
Following a brief review of financial stewardship best practices for congregations, this webinar focuses on how we personally are impacted by this work. What are our personal stewardship values? How do our own hopes, wishes and fears show up in our financial stewardship work? We will celebrate our gifts and consider next courageous steps. How do we personally and as congregations show up for our members and communities - in this season?

Register for 2:00 pm: Click here
Register for 7:00 pm: Click here
TMF Microloan Program
The one-time $1 million TMF Microloan Program was created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This program is designed to efficiently serve the growing needs within United Methodist churches and nonprofit organizations by quickly providing access to funding for the unique and changing circumstances ministry leaders are facing at this time. Special consideration will be given to ministries serving under-resourced communities. 

Thanks to a generous endowment distribution approved by the TMF Executive Committee, TMF is able to launch this new program.
New Days & New Ways of Ministry for Landsun Homes of Carlsbad
by Rev. Dan Boyd

To the pastors, members, and leadership of the congregations of the New Mexico Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church.

...After 4 years of study, prayer, professional consultations, attempts to unite with other United Methodist care-providing organizations, and difficult discussions, the Landsun Homes Board of Directors made the difficult but necessary decision to enter into agreement with the ministry of Lakeview Christian Homes so that Lakeview will become the agency to oversee and continue the ministry of Christ’s love for senior adults in the Carlsbad area.
Council of Bishops Meeting Livestreamed
On Wednesday, April 29th and Friday, May 1st, the Council of Bishops will be livestreaming their virtual meeting. The scheduled time is 7:00 am - 11:00 am MT and 8:00 am - 12:00 noon CT. Please view either on the website: www.unitedmethodistbishops.org or the Facebook page: www.facebook.com/umcbishops/
DACA Recipient Story Sharing Webinar - April 30th at 6:00 pm MT
The webinar is scheduled for 6:00 pm MT. Registration Information will be available soon. Contact Rev. Nicole Crouch: deacon.ncrouch@gmail.com
Leadership Resilience Series - Rebekah Simon-Peter
Wednesdays, 8:00 – 9:00 am MT – May 6, 13, and 20
“As we all struggle to find our footing in the age of COVID-19, we all need to pay attention to some longer-term needs, including self-care and sharpening our skill sets for ministry. Rebekah Simon-Peter has been an outstanding resource for our annual conference for many years now, and her short, three-part series on “Resilient Leadership” in May is an ideal shot-in-the-arm for pastors. I’m encouraging everyone to register and participate in this promising workshop!” Randall Partin, Provost

For more information and to register: click here
Updated Conference COVID-19 Response Webpage
In an effort to keep our pastors and churches updated with the latest information pertinent to helping churches navigate this chaotic time, we have developed a fairly comprehensive FAQ list. At the bottom, is a list of statements, videos and resources regarding safety and online worship. We hope that you find it helpful.

Bear in mind that things are changing daily - even the graphic we designed weeks ago is not social distance compliant.
The 2020 Heritage Tour Canceled
With deadlines coming to make reservations and preparations, it has become clear that this is not a good year for traveling. Therefore the Heritage Tour has been canceled for this year. I will hold on to the detailed plans to explore our Colorado Connection, and hope that this may become safely possible at some future date. Thank you to all those who expressed an interest it. Be safe, and God bless You.” Rev Will Steinsiek, Archivist
Upcoming Events
Save the Date!
General Conference - May 5-15, 2020 - POSTPONED to 2021
Annual Conference - June 3-5, 2020 - Lubbock, TX - to be decided
Jurisdictional Conference - July 15-18, 2020 - The Woodlands, TX - POSTPONED