NM Conference News
April 22 - 28, 2019
In this Issue
  • 2019 Appointments
  • Annual Conference Registration & PreConference Journal
  • Early Bird Workshops
  • NCD 5K Giveaway Dinner
  • Lay Speaker's Ministry Training
  • BoOM Scholarship Application Deadline - April 30th
  • How will the Denominational Divide Affect Mission?
  • Paul Bauernfiend Retirement Celebration
  • Upcoming Events
2019 Appointments
No new appointments this week.

Get Ready for Annual Conference!
Annual Conference 2019 will be a time when we can  ask  the pressing questions,  seek  God's voice and presence in the midst of blessing and uncertainty, and  knock  on the door that leads us wherever God is willing us to go.

Registration is now open and the PreConference Journal is available for download.

We have an impressive slate of Early Bird Workshops on Wednesday afternoon: coaching, discipleship, evangelism, leadership, church finance, and more. The New Church Development Team will host a 5K Giveaway dinner for those who are drawn to innovative ministry on Wednesday night.

Thursday morning begins with District Meetings. Our guest preacher, Bishop James Swanson will lead us in a spirited Opening Worship. Our traditions of the Legacy Luncheon, Memorial Recognition, Living Archives and State of the Conference Address will be on Thursday afternoon, with the accompaniment of beloved musician and songsmith, Ken Medema. A poignant worship will immediately follow. Join us for a BBQ in the beautiful hotel courtyard to complete a full day.

On Friday, we will begin with a time of morning praise. The Laity Session will feature Val Hastings, who will discuss a "coach approach" to lay leadership. Friday afternoon is all business and celebrating ministry. Our closing worship will lift up several commissionees and celebrate the Ministry of All Believers.

We are still confirming some very important pieces. Stay tuned!
Early Bird Workshops - Wed. June 12th
1:00 pm
  • Tithes, Shared Ministries, Clergy Benefits…Oh My! - Dru Ann Kuntz/Griselda Sandoval
  • The A-B-C's of Hosting Your Own Lay Servant Ministries School - Lay Servant Training Team
  • See All the People: Engaging Discipleship with a Plan to See - David Teel, Discipleship Ministries
  • What’s the Story You’ve Been Telling Yourself - Val Hastings, Coaching 4 Clergy
  • Early Childhood Education - Patricia Alvarado and Carol Mead, McCurdy Ministries
  • Focus on what Matters...Simplify - Doug Mills
3:00 pm
  • Tithes, Shared Ministries, Clergy Benefits…Oh My! - Dru Ann Kuntz and Griselda Sandoval
  • Certified Lay Minister A-B-C’s - Pam Rowley and Kathy Jewell
  • See All the People: Engaging Discipleship with a Plan to See -David Teel, Discipleship Ministries
  • Coaching Upward, Outward, and Inward - Val Hastings, Coaching 4 Clergy
  • Developing a Church/School Partnership in Your Community - Diana Loomis, McCurdy Ministries
  • Everyday Evangelism: Overcoming Obstacles to Faith Sharing - Blossom Matthews
New Church Development 5K Giveaway Dinner
In the spirit of ABC’s popular TV series, Shark Tank, the New Church Development Team is hosting this special event during which new ministry ideas will be pitched, with the winner receiving a $5,000 mini-grant to fund their endeavor! The dinner is open to everyone and will be held on Wednesday, June 12 at 5:30 pm at St. John’s UMC in Albuquerque. The meal is $15 for audience members. Please email Dustin for more information or to RSVP: Dustin McEwen at dustin@ruidosocumc.org.

We look forward to hearing all your creative ideas!
Lay Speaker's School - May 3-4
FUMC-Bloomfield is hosting a Lay Speaking Ministry Training on May 3-4, 2019. The classes offered are: Basic Lay Speaking, Pray in Public and Who are you in Christ? (Navajo). The cost is $65 due on April 24th. Call 505-632-3732.
Board of Ordained Ministry Scholarship Application Deadline - April 30th
The deadline to submit your 2019-2020 Board of Ordained Ministry Scholarship Application is in a few weeks. Questions? Contact Registrar, Linda Lucas at: linda@nmconfum.com .
How will Denominational Divide Affect Mission?
By Linda Bloom, UMNS
The pain over the deep divide that has occurred among United Methodists since February’s special General Conference has permeated all parts of the denomination, raising questions about the impact on its mission projects and goals.

That discussion by directors of the United Methodist Board of Global Ministries came April 12, near the end of the shortened board meeting following a long-planned conference at Emory University celebrating 200 years of Methodist mission .
Bishop John K. Yambasu prays with the Rev. Byron Alexander, a conference page, during the 2019 General Conference in St. Louis. Photo by Kathleen Barry, UMNS.
Paul Bauernfiend Retirement Celebration
Invitation to Retirement Celebration
for Paul Bauernfiend
The Amarillo District would like to invite you to a goodbye retirement celebration for Paul Bauernfiend. It will be a come and go event at Faith Southwest UMC located at 4415 Wesley Rd, Amarillo, TX 79121 on Saturday, May 11 at 2 - 4:00 pm. Everyone is invited.
Upcoming Events
  • Judicial Council meets - April 23-26 - Evanston, Illinois
  • Pre-Conference Meeting - April 27 - University UMC, Las Cruces
  • Pre-Conference Meeting - April 27 - The Ridge, El Paso
  • Pre-Conference Meeting - May 4 - Asbury UMC, ABQ
  • Pre-Conference Meeting - May 11 - Asbury UMC, Odessa
  • Pre-Conference Meeting - May 11 - Trinity UMC, Roswell
  • Annual Conference - June 13-14 - Crowne Plaza, ABQ
  • Youth 2019 - July 10-14 - Kansas City, MO