NM Conference News
February 4 - February 10, 2019
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  • General Conference 2019 Delegate Devotionals
  • The Lord be with you...with Rev. Jane Vaughan
  • Dr. David Maldonado's Story Featured in Archives & History Newsletter
  • Higher Ed/Campus Ministries Summit
  • McCurdy Ministries Spiritual Retreat
  • Facebook 10 Year Challenge - Rev. Kim Kinsey
  • Happy 150th Birthday, UMW!
  • UMM Conference - April 6th
  • Upcoming Events
General Conference 2019 Delegate Devotionals
For some, the Special Called General Conference (February 23 - 26 in St. Louis) has been on their minds and hearts since GC16 and for some, it has been something very distant and of no concern to the work of their local church. Wherever you fit into this spectrum, the common denominator is that the United Methodist Church needs to be covered in prayer during this time leading up to GC19 and as we move forward with whatever transpires there. Email the delegation at: delegation@nmconfum.com.
The Lord be with you... with Rev. Jane Vaughan
As the Special Called General Conference looms and the reading material for this option and for that option and how could you even consider that option is sent to all who are on the mailing list, I would like for us to take a moment to take a breath and remember that God is in charge!!! Yes, still in charge!

Whatever the decisions that are made, or not made, at this conference there will be consequences. And we will figure out how to live with them.  But we are God’s children, in Christ’s church and we are still in the “family business.” And that family business is to make disciples of Jesus Christ. It’s still the main thing.

The delegation needs your prayers…for discernment, for clarity, for tolerance. Please continue to pray for us and for all those who are decision makers at this conference. Please know that we all have the best interests of the general church and the conference and each of your congregations in our hearts and minds. We want to do what is best for the kingdom. Not for one group or another but for the kingdom.

“The Lord is near. Do not worry about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:5b-6
Dr. David Maldonado's Story Featured in General Commission on Archives & History Newsletter
  A Post Christmas Story 
by Dr. David Maldonado, Jr.
And so the child is born in a new land, a child born of humble immigrants who seek nothing more than life and hope for tomorrow. 
The young couple grabbed what they could carry with them and set out in the dark night. They were leaving familiar surroundings, as well as their home, friends, and family. They were expecting their first born and wished the child could be born at home surrounded by their community. But for the sake of the child, the young couple knew they must leave, so they walked out into the cold and dangerous desert night. It was a huge risk for them to leave, but it was also a leap of faith and hope that the land to which they were going would be a life-saving and life-sustaining place.
The story is written by a NM Conference Member and a leader in one of the General Commission on Archives and History's most important ventures---The Committee for the Study of the Hispanic/Latino United Methodist Church. Dr. David Maldonado (with Bishop Joel Martinez) was the recipient of GCAH's Distinguished Service Award for 2018, honored for gathering, promoting and interpreting the stories of Hispanic/Latino Church within the historic Methodist and United Methodist traditions.

Image by Kelly Latimore of St. Louis
Higher Ed/Campus Ministries Summit
The NMAC Higher Ed/Campus Ministry Board met in Roswell on January 28-29 th for an Outreach Summit. The mission of the NMHECMB is to equip and promote ministry and discipleship on college campuses on behalf of the NMAC. The vision is healthy and growing campus ministries. Rev. Dustin Burrow, Chair of the NMHECMB organized the meeting and presided.
Rev. Michael Baughman, who pastors the Union ministry in Dallas led us in a discussion about telling the stories of Campus Ministry to further the outreach and communication to the Annual Conference and potential supporters. Using examples from South Park and Barb Kelner’s pizza eating business pitch on SNL, we discussed integral parts of sharing our message effectively. We practiced telling concise stories about people who had been impacted by campus ministries “with heart” - in a way that would matter to our audience.
McCurdy Ministries Spiritual Retreat
You Are Invited to McCurdy Ministries Community Center
For a Spiritual Retreat!
Lay or clergy persons who work full time in the United Methodist Church are welcome to come to the McCurdy Ministries Community Center campus in Espanola for up to seven nights for a spiritual retreat in our retreat center – at no charge (this includes board, but not meals).  We provide kitchens that can be used in the retreat center and there are wonderful restaurants in the area. 

The only charge is to allow our staff to give you a tour of our campus and an introduction to our ministries. Our desire is to support you, while providing a chance for you to reconnect with God, plan for your ministry, be still, renew and enjoy life.
If you have questions about scheduling a retreat, please email Eufemia Romero at eromero@mccurdy.org or call 505-753-7221.
Facebook 10 Year Challenge
One of the trends on Facebook lately has been posting a picture of yourself from 10 years ago along with a current one. At chapel last week, the preacher encouraged us to think about where we were 10 years ago.

Ten years ago was a pivotal time for me. My brother was dead. I was dealing with grief and unresolved issues. My parents and I were forging our new ways to be a family. That Easter I had a sense of needing to be closer to them. I hadn't asked for a move, so I lifted that up in prayer.

Happy 150th Birthday, UMW!
The NM Conference UMW will be hosting a spiritual enrichment retreat March 8-10, 2019 at Sacramento Camp & Conference Center. On Saturday, March 9th, they will be celebrating the 150th birthday of the UMW. For more information, contact Peggy at 505-237-8933.
Save the Date - UMM Conference - April 6th
The United Methodist Men will host a conference on Saturday, April 6th at University UMC, Las Cruces. All men invited. The tentative theme is Walk with Christ. More details to come. For information, contact Dr. Offie Hobbs at ohobbs@aol.com.
Upcoming Events
  • Mid-Winter Clergy Retreat - Feb. 3-6 - Sacramento
  • Advanced Lay Servant Training - Feb. 9 - University-Las Cruces
  • Office Closed for Presidents' Day - Feb. 18
  • Special Called General Conference - Feb. 23-26 - St. Louis
  • ROC 2019 - March 1-3 - Sacramento
  • CCYM 2019 - March 29-31 - Sacramento
  • Pension & Health Wellness Retreat - March 29-31 - Sacramento
  • United Methodist Men's Conference - April 6th - University UMC, Las Cruces
  • Annual Conference - June 13-14 - Crowne Plaza, ABQ