NM Conference News
January 28 - February 3, 2019
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  • General Conference 2019 Delegate Devotionals
  • The Lord be with you...with Rev. Scott Sharp
  • GC19 Impact on Pensions
  • Nominate Living Archives
  • Baptism Photos Needed for AC19 Video
  • Ministry & Mental Health Training Event
  • For the Love of Wesley Event
  • Save the Date of AC19
  • Upcoming Events
General Conference 2019 Delegate Devotionals
For some, the Special Called General Conference (February 23 - 26 in St. Louis) has been on their minds and hearts since GC16 and for some, it has been something very distant and of no concern to the work of their local church. Wherever you fit into this spectrum, the common denominator is that the United Methodist Church needs to be covered in prayer during this time leading up to GC19 and as we move forward with whatever transpires there. If you with to email the delegation at delegation@nmconfum.com.
The Lord be with you... with Rev. Scott Sharp
I am so happy that “The Lord be with you…” was chosen as the theme for these pre-General Conference devotions. As a person who grew up in a church with absolutely no liturgical foundation, the phrase “The Lord be with you” was a new one for me when I started attending a United Methodist Church in college. Not only did I not know what “The Lord be with you” was supposed to mean, but I also did not know that one was expected to respond with, “And also with you.” Talk about confused. I am grateful to say that these phrases are now part and parcel of, not only my liturgical practice, but also of my theological practice. 
When we say “The Lord be with you” during our Holy Communion liturgy, or as we pass the peace, or as we gently poke fun at the Star Wars inspired “May the Fourth be with you…” we are making a bold theological claim; namely, that the one with whom we are conversing, the one with whom we are engaging, the one we are looking at eye to eye, is a bearer of the Light of Christ and the grace of God. “The Lord be with you” is a verbal expression of what we believe; that in Christ, God became human, and we all participate in that incarnation. In this way, “The Lord be with you” is one of the most beautiful things that we can say to another person. And, when we are affirmed with “And also with you,” the circle of beauty is completed. 
However, I have to admit, and confess, that sometimes I forget that “The Lord be with you” covers everyone. In my mind, I change the words to, “The Lord might be with you…,” or “The Lord is trying real hard to be with you…,” or even, when I’m at my worst, “The Lord isn’t with you.” Forgive me, Lord. 
I offer this confession in preparation for General Conference, knowing full well that some of the conversations that will take place in St. Louis, will be shaped by less than graceful versions of “The Lord be with you.” I also believe that most of our conversations with one another will be rooted in the depth of “The Lord be with you,” and that our hopes will be for the church to live out its deepest desire to Love God, ourselves, and our neighbor. In light of this, I offer this invitation. In the days leading up to General Conference, let us make it our practice to say “The Lord be with you,” to at least one other person each day. It is my hope that in taking on this spiritual discipline I might be drawn into a fuller understanding of the love of Christ and the grace of God. 
The Lord be with you.
Clarifying Information About the Pension Impacts of the 2019 General Conference
As we draw closer to the special called General Conference, we are seeing an increased volume of questions and concerns about potential impact on clergy benefits with varying degrees of accuracy. We also hear the worries individuals have for their personal financial security during this time of uncertainty. We monitor dialogue on social media and blogs, and we receive questions and comments from participants and other stakeholders.

Wespath seeks to provide unbiased and accurate information about the UMC benefit plans, and in particular about the effects that the Way Forward plans and the 2019 General Conference may have on those plans. Wespath has published  these FAQs  to help participants and Church stakeholders understand these types of questions, and we update the FAQs regularly. You can also send your questions directly to Lisa Drew at  ldrew@wespath.org .

You may also contact the NM CBO, Dru Ann Kuntz at 505-255-8786, ext 102.
Archives and History Commission seeking Nominations for Living Archives TODAY.
The Archives and History Commission will meet on February 19th to select the two individuals who will receive the Living Archive Award at Annual Conference this year. Please submit your nominations by January 31st. As noted in their rules,” The purpose of the award is to lift up and honor exemplary individuals of the conference whose work and/or spirit provide hope and inspiration.”
Baptism Pictures Needed for AC19
During Annual Conference, we will be celebrating Baptism and incorporating a video. Please send your Baptism pictures to Alli Newsom at alli@nmconfum.com. If they are larger than 2 MB each, please send them individually. Thanks!
Ministry & Mental Health Training Event
The  Collaborating in Care: Ministry and Mental Health  training day on Thursday, February 7th aims to bring together area clergy and mental health professionals to consider ways to better collaborate in caring for Veterans and persons with mental health illness. Presenters and select video clips of clergy, mental health professionals, and Veterans will be used to help prompt large and small group discussion, with interactive discussion and activities accounting for most of the training day. This is a VA sponsored event.
Objectives include:
  • Increasing collaboration between clergy and mental health
  • Expanding access to appropriate care services
  • Fostering professional relationships
  • Building avenues for referral
  • Reducing barriers to inter-professional care

begins at 8:00 am.
Registration is required for this event.
Registration closes January, 31, 2019
Upcoming Events
  • Mid-Winter Clergy Retreat - Feb. 3-6 - Sacramento
  • Advanced Lay Servant Training - Feb. 9 - University-Las Cruces
  • Special Called General Conference - Feb. 23-26 - St. Louis
  • ROC 2019 - March 1-3 - Sacramento
  • CCYM 2019 - March 29-31 - Sacramento