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Santa Elena Mission July News
Submitted by Carol Bignell 

Catch up on all the new happenings at Santa Elena Mission. 
The mission trip to Santa Elena will be October 9-13th. 

Thaxton Grants Available for the Fall!
Granted for the care of the elderly poor and/or impoverished children of New Mexico.  Application deadline is Sept. 15th. 

Defining Grace | How to Improve Your Church's Facebook Page,
Part 1: Identity
By Dan Wunderlich
     You already know that a Facebook page is a must for ministry today. In fact, for some portion of your community, your Facebook Page may be their first point of contact.
But there are so many options and so much flexibility that your page can easily become cluttered.
     Your ultimate success in online ministry will depend on the quality of your posts and the relationships you build through engagement and interaction. However, giving your page itself some love can only improve its effectiveness.
     An important early step in developing a relationship online is making sure people are clear about whose page/posts they are seeing and engaging. Let's begin with the basics that help your community discover and recognize your ministry on Facebook.
      1. Page Title
     Your Page Title might seem like a no-brainer. It's just the name of your church, right?   However, there are a few issues to take into consideration:
      Is it recognizable?
Does your Page Title include denominational affiliation? Acronyms? City or town names? Or even the word "church" at all?
     Donald Miller likes to say,  "If you confuse, you'll lose." People can only connect the experience they're having with your church if they know it's you. Choose a name that clearly identifies your organization to people who encounter you on Facebook.

GCFA Recommendations for Crowdfunding

     The following provision was passed at General Conference 2016 that tasks GCFA to provide guidance on crowdfunding websites and initiatives:
     "To provide guidance and consultation to churches, conferences and other United Methodist organizations on fundraising campaigns conducted via the Internet and social media where capital can be solicited from a large pool of potential donors, also known as crowd funding.  The GCFA shall prepare a list of approved crowd funding websites.  The consultation shall be limited to churches and conferences residing in the United States."
Crowdfunding (generally used as one word) is most commonly defined as the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet. Many burgeoning business owners and entrepreneurs utilize social media websites and social media to attract investors in their business ventures.
     Additionally, individuals can also utilize social media and crowdfunding websites to attract potential small donors to charitable ventures, such as schools, churches, and hospitals. Most crowdfunding websites do not have an approved list of charitable projects, and they generally do not supply guarantees that the charitable project is going to a recognized 501(c)(3) organization.
     Unfortunately, the openness and lack of accountability of many charitable requests through crowdfunding websites and social media campaigns provide an open market for those who wish to deceive and misrepresent their intentions.  
     Registered charitable organizations protect donors through audited financial statements, and voluntary standards. At this point, the Better Business Bureau has stated that the level of accountability needs to grow to improve donor confidence and trust in crowdfunding sites and recommends giving through registered 501(c)(3) organizations.

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Making Discipleship a "Contact Sport"
by Heather Hahn

     To follow Christ, get off the sidelines and onto the field.
     United Methodist Men heard variations of this message throughout the group's   12th National Gathering, which took as its theme "Discipleship: The Contact Sport." The July 7-8 event drew more than 600 men from across the United States to St. Luke's United Methodist Church in Indianapolis.
     "God has given each and every one of us the potential to be more than what we are," preached Mississippi Area Bishop James Swanson Sr., President of United Methodist Men during opening worship. "You and I are not what God wants us to be. Even if we are in Christ Jesus, God expects us to become more."
     Discipleship requires more than being a benchwarmer, or a pew warmer, for that matter, Swanson and other speakers attested. Throughout the day-and-a-half meeting, the men put that call into action. They tackled mission work, huddled in prayer and occasionally shared some tears.
     There   may be no crying in baseball, but there certainly is in discipleship. As men reminded each other,   even Jesus himself wept.
     "These men here genuinely love the gospel, and they genuinely love each other," said Dillon Guillot, youth director at St. Francisville United Methodist Church in southern Louisiana. This was the 24-year-old's first time at a United Methodist Men national gathering.

Congratulations!  Rev. Dr. Scott Sharp Receives his D.Min. Degree
Rev. Dr. Scott Alan Sharp received his Doctor of Ministry degree with honors from Saint Paul School of Theology at Oklahoma City University. His Praxis Thesis was entitled, From Script to Stage: Discipleship is Improvisation
Rev. Dr. Sharp, senior pastor at Central United Methodist Church, Albuquerque, N.M., was an OCU campus minister and Oklahoma church pastor before moving to New Mexico. 
Saint Paul School of Theology celebrated a first for its campus at Oklahoma City University with the conferring of the Doctor of Ministry degrees during commencement. The program began in January 2014. Saint Paul operates on two campuses in Oklahoma at OCU and in Kansas at UM Church of the Resurrection.

Submitted by Heather Snodgrass, Director of Communications at Saint Paul's

Summer Fun Memory Book Photos Needed!
It is always fun & informative to see what other churches are doing during the summer with VBS, at Sacramento Camp & Conference Center, summer mission projects, youth programs, etc.  We are accumulating photos that we find on Facebook so that we can create a NM Conference Summer Fun Memory Book.  If your church does not participate on Facebook, please email me you photos:  Thanks so much!

Upcoming Events

July 31-Aug. 4 - Camp Sunshine - Sacramento

Aug 11-12 - Lay Servant School - FUMC-ABQ
August 18-19 - Lay Servant School - St. Paul's UMC-El Paso
Sept.8-9 - CLM Training - Asbury-Odessa
Sept. 22-23 - CLM Training - University-Las Cruces
Sept. 23 - CLM Cont Ed - Coach Approach - Christ UMC-ABQ
Sept. 27-29 - Leadership Institute - Leawood, KS
Oct. 1-4 - Fall Clergy Retreat - Sacramento
Oct. 14-15 - CLM Training - Asbury-Odessa
Oct. 14-15 - CLM Training - University-Las Cruces
Oct. 27-29 - Connect Rest - Sacramento
Nov. 3-5 - Explore Calling - Portland, OR
Nov. 7 - Be Strong & of Good Courage Workshop - FUMC-Roswell 
Nov. 10-11- CLM Training - Asbury-Odessa
Nov. 10-11 - CLM Training - University-Las Cruces
Nov. 17-19 - CCYM Fall Retreat - Sacramento 
Fall Itineration Schedule
Sept 16 - Roswell, First UMC 2:00 pm
Sept 23 - Tucumcari, Center Street 3:00 pm
Oct 14 - Odessa First UMC 10:00 am (Central Time)
Oct 21 - Farmington, First UMC 10:00 am
Oct 22 - Albuquerque, St. John's 2:00 pm
Nov 18 - El Paso, Trinity-First 2:00 pm
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