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March 11 - 17, 2019
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  • ROC 2019 at Sacramento
  • Christ UMC-ABQ - Ashes to Go
  • Beginning to Look Ahead after GC2019
  • Reaction to GC19 Remains Strong
  • Pre-Conference Journal Reports Due on Friday
  • FUMC-ABQ - The Art of the Santero
  • Holy Week & Easter Social Media Graphics
  • UMW-Day of Giving on March 23rd
  • Upcoming Events
ROC 2019 at Sacramento
From Pastor Nema LeCuyer: "So full in my heart to have made this journey with our middle school youth. I prayed deeply for my Church and all our people at that point of silence we all know so well. Only love was revealed then shared freely as  Josh Kouri  served our kids with open and honest preaching, teaching and so much laughter. As always, the quiet presence of  Xavier Torres , pastor and Wesley Director, was the thread of grace throughout the whole weekend. Most of all, the Wesley Foundation students put their whole hearts out there in true example of servant leadership. I love,love,love them."
NMSU-Wesley Leads ROC19
Holy Communion with Pastor, Nema LeCuyer
Rev. Josh Kouri
Christ UMC-ABQ - Ashes to GO
THE best Ashes to Go Ash Wednesday in our first four years! We were blessed with so many people coming by. And I mean truly blessed by them as people shared their faith with us. One man gave me a big bear hug and with tears in his eyes thanked us for keeping God visible in the world.

We ventured out to Emerson Elementary with 35 parents and their kids receiving ashes. I saw utter joy beaming in their faces so close to mine as I applied a simple black cross to their forehead. Remember we are all dust and to dust we will return. From Barbara Tegtmeier
Judy Tucker
Rev. Kim Kinsey & Barb Tegtmeier
Beginning to Look Ahead after GC2019
by Heather Hahn, UMNS
The full ramifications of what happened at the 2019 General Conference are still unknown. However, a few things are coming clearer into view.
Since the denomination’s top lawmaking body adjourned Feb. 26, the following developments have occurred:

• One group that had previously raised the possibility of leaving The United Methodist Church  announced that it has no immediate plans to do so ;

• The denomination’s top court  publicized deadlines for briefs ahead of its April meeting  that will determine which of the newly approved legislation is in line with the denomination’s constitution;

• Bishops and other church leaders began the work of explaining what General Conference did and what lies ahead for the multinational denomination where church members still have divergent interpretations of Scripture and differing views

Council of Bishops President, Ken Carter
Reaction to GC2019 Remains Strong
By Sam Hodges and Kathy L. Gilbert, UMNS
For the Rev. Matt Miofsky, the results of the special called General Conference weren’t what he’d hoped for and raised the question of whether his fast-growing church, The Gathering, should stay in The United Methodist Church.

Miofsky told his St. Louis congregation over the weekend that he doesn’t yet have the answer.
“I want to wait for the dust to settle,” he said.
One week after the  2019 General Conference , the dust is still swirling. United Methodists of all perspectives on the question of how accepting the denomination should be of homosexuality continue to process what happened and what should come next.

Much of the thinking has been done out loud — through sermons, special church meetings, social media messages, blog posts and other written statements. Protests of the traditionalist direction of the General Conference have been widespread, as have been apologies to LGBTQ people inside and outside the church.

Photo: Kathleen Berry, UMNS
Pre-Conference Journal Reports Due Friday, March 15th
"It takes a village" to create the Pre-Conference Journal. Please submit your report to Roselie Johnston at rjohnston@nmconfum.com by Friday, March 15th.

For more info on Annual Conference, click here.
FUMC-ABQ - The Art of the Santero
First United Methodist Church in Albuquerque is exhibiting traditional Spanish Colonial art forms throughout the Lenten and Easter Season. The show, The Art of the Santero, features 16 artists, well known in their communities. In a church that has been know for over 100 years for their love of and commitment to art and music, the church's history team has been coordinating art exhibits over the last 2 years providing a venue for local artists to exhibit, including church members Sharon Higgins and international photographer Glenn Hohnstreiter. This is the first exhibit that features the work of community members.

In keeping with this commitment to the arts, the church regularly conducts tours of their historically significant stained glass windows. Their church ministries, which includes an established musical concert series called Bach's Lunch, provides lunchtime concerts for downtown business employees and inner city school children. The Art of the Santero is an expansion of these ministries that provides gallery space within the foyers and hallways of the church.

The opening of the exhibit is Thursday, March 14, 4 - 6 p.m. at First, located at 313 Coal SW. Many of the artists and their families will be in attendance to talk about their work. All of the work is available for purchase and lasts through mid-May.
Workshops and special tours will also be available and posted on the church website (www.fumconline.org)or by contacting the exhibit coordinator at  Tlinton51@aol.com  
Holy Week & Easter Social Media Graphics
Use these memes on Facebook and other social media outlets to promote your Holy Week and Easter services.
Upcoming Events
  • CCYM 2019 - March 29-31 - Sacramento
  • Pension & Health Wellness Retreat - March 29-31 - Sacramento
  • Judicial Council meets - April 23-26 - Evanston, Illinois
  • Annual Conference - June 13-14 - Crowne Plaza, ABQ
  • Youth 2019 - July 10-14 - Kansas City, MO