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New District Superintendent of Big Spring Named
Bishop W. Earl Bledsoe has named the Reverend Kathryn Boren, as the new District Superintendent of the Big Spring district, effective July 1, 2017. Rev. Boren currently serves as Senior pastor of St. Luke's UMC, Midland, Texas for the last nine years. Rev. Boren has distinguished herself in various leadership roles throughout the Northwest Texas Conference. As Lead pastor in her local church she successfully completed two major building projects. She has served as a member of the Conference Board of Ordained Ministry. She currently serves on the Strategic Planning Team.
     Kathryn said, "I look forward to serving God alongside the pastors and churches in the Big Spring District.  All are in my prayers during this time of transition, and I hope for their prayers, too, as I step into this new role." We welcome Kathryn Boren to the cabinet family. She will be seated with the appointive cabinet without vote to provide a smoother leadership transition.
     Bishop Bledsoe also announced the appointment of Rev. Derrell Patterson to serve as Lead pastor of First United Methodist Church of Big Spring, effective July 1, 2017. Rev. Patterson also served as secretary of the cabinet and has served with distinction and with exceptional abilities for the work of superintending. The new district superintendent will fill the upcoming vacancy created by the appointment of Rev. Derrell Patterson (Big Spring district). The cabinet will recognize and celebrate his gifts at the upcoming conference gathering in June.

Mountainside UMC Celebrated 50 Years of Ministry!
     Mountainside UMC in Cedar Crest, NM celebrated their 50th year of ministry by dressing up in groovy 60's garb and joining in fellowship after church for food and the Mountainside Jug Band. 
     Mountainside has seen a lot of growth and change over the years but its heart for reaching beyond its doors, beyond state and even national borders remains strong. 
     Several in attendance were present at the very first meeting of the church and 3 past pastors were there to lift up the congregation.  Bishop W.Earl Bledsoe preached on vision  and DS, James Large helped officiate. 
     Their current pastor, Rev. John Rech has been appointed to St. Stephen's UMC.  For the past few months, they have been in the midst of strategic planning and await the assignment of a new pastor to continue for 50 more years of ministry in the east mountains.
Bishop, Leslie Bledsoe, Bethany Lust-Calderon
Bob VanAllen talking about Mountainside's great history.
A sweet church family
Folks at the first meeting of Mountainside. 
Lots of singing
More singing
Pastor Rech in the spirit 
Chancel Choir  
Bishop bringing the Word.
Pre-Conference Meetings
Randall Partin, Provost will host the following Pre-Conference Meetings 
Saturday, April 22 nd  - 9:00 am                                         Highland UMC, Odessa, TX
Saturday, April 22 nd - 4:00 pm                                         First UMC, Hobbs, NM 
Sunday, April 23 rd - 4:00 pm                                            Kingswood UMC, Clovis, NM 
Saturday, April 29 th - 9:00 am                                          First UMC, Farmington, NM 
Saturday, April 29 th - 4:00 pm                                          Mesa View UMC, ABQ, NM 
Saturday, May 6 th - 9:00 am                                             Morningstar UMC, Las Cruces, NM 
Saturday, May 6 th  - 4:00 pm                                             St. Mark's UMC, El Paso, TX

Rev. Scott Sharp Defends his DMin. Project  

Reverend Scott Sharp has successfully defended his Doctor of Ministry project at St Paul School of Theology. The project, entitled "From Script to Stage: Discipleship is Improvisation," passed with distinction. Reverend Sharp will graduate with his DMin. in May.

Boomer Spirituality:
Seven Values for the Second Half of Life

Author, Craig Kennet Miller 
Rev. Craig Miller, a "boomer" will be leading an Early-Bird Workshop at our 2017 Annual Conference using his new book, Boomer Spirituality: Seven Values for the Second Half of Life. Boomer Spirituality invites you to explore the values of brokenness, loneliness, rootlessness, self-seeking, Godliness, supernaturalism and wholeness that are important to people known as the baby boomers, those born from 1946-1964. If you are a boomer, you will likely see yourself in this book. If you are a family member/friend of a boomer you will get some help in understanding what makes this age group act the way they do. If you are trying to create ministry opportunities for this generation, this book will give you some insight into the ways boomers view the world and look toward the future.  Submitted by Cheri Lyon 

Radical Hospitality Changes Lives
Rev. H. Blaine Wimberly ~ Pastor, Zia UMC, Santa Fe
     On a Thursday morning in January, the weekly gathering of interfaith clergy leaders in Santa Fe was approached by YouthWorks, who had received some funds in December for the purpose of providing emergency shelter for young adults (18-24) in Santa Fe. As many as 250 in that age range in the city may be without stable housing; the youth shelter will only accommodate 17-year-olds or younger; the other shelters are intimidating environments for young adults; and the streets are cold and unsafe, especially in the winter. Four clergy (Jewish, Lutheran, Unitarian Universalist, and Methodist) made a plan, approved by our congregations, to host up to 25 young adults on a weekly rotation. Thus ShelterNOW was born as an interim shelter solution through the winter while a permanent facility is being sought.
     Zia took the fourth rotation and hosted about a dozen (including two young women) the first week in February and about half that number the first week in March. In April we will again offer shelter, which at Zia consists of a place to sleep (our education building) and two meals: dinner when they arrive about 8 p.m. and breakfast before they leave in the morning. YouthWorks provides sleeping bags and staff to spend the night with the guests; food is provided by the generosity of the congregation. We have also visited with them in the evening, watching DVDs, playing board games, and talking. Some are in school; some have jobs, and we have been able to employ some of them for work around the church.
There has been a marked change in the young adults in the program. Initially wary, isolated, and hungry, after experiencing a safe place they began to come out of their shells and develop relationships with each other and people in the host communities. Reversing the downward cycle of homelessness at this age benefits not only the participants, but the community as a whole, and it has been a blessing to the host congregations to get to know these young men and women and come out of our own isolation

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5:00 PM April 9th - ENMU-Wesley Foundation 
Come by, listen to music, play horseshoes, bid on a wonderful chuck wagon style dinner right at our back door. Homemade green chile stew, corn bread, cobbler and friendly ENMU-Wesley hosts.  Contact: 620-770-9643 Elizabeth, Director or 575-760-4685 Joel Moore

Church Crisis Communication - How to Prepare & Respond
by Alli Costello, Communications Director
     According to UMC Communications, "A crisis is an event which threatens the viability or the reputation of your organization and which triggers media or public interest." We may feel like churches are safe havens. Nothing bad can possibly happen in "God's House". Unfortunately, bad things happen everywhere. Smart church leaders think about every eventuality. We create and adhere to policies & procedures, so that there is less chance of crises happening and purchase insurance policies to serve those harmed and protect church assets.
     Before the crisis occurs, you need to consider how you will respond to the media should they decide to report on an incident involving your church. You need to develop a documented plan and you must train your staff accordingly. We can all think of situations when potentially innocent people slammed a door in a reporter's face and immediately looked guilty. A crisis communication plan helps churches feel more prepared, confident and minimizes damage to its reputation in the community.


Focus on Annual Conference

With the roll out of Annual Conference materials, there are always pieces that do not go completely according to plan. Two things need some follow-up or clarification. 
We would prefer that participants register online: Click here.
But, we understand that some do not like to conduct financial transactions online. 
The downloadable Registration Form: Click here
In the Annual Conference agenda, on Thursday at 6 pm, we scheduled the "Five Star Ministries Dinner" which is to celebrate "Cinco Estrella" - Five Star.  

The NM Conference Supporting Interfaith Efforts

MAY 5-6, 2017, Friday 6:30 to 8:30 pm; Saturday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
El Paso Christ Community UMC
Basic - $35 & Advanced Courses - $40
Contact: Pastor Frances Gonzalez at 915-240-1783; 
Registration deadline - April 20th

Upcoming Events

April 9-15 - NM Conference Pray Our Way Forward Week

April 21-23 - Clovis District Work Camp - Sacramento 
April 29 - CLM Training - Asbury-Odessa
April 29 - ABQ UMM - Central UMC-ABQ
May 5-6 - Lay Servant Ministries School - Christ Community - El Paso
May 30 - Early Bird Workshops - Las Cruces Convention Center
May 31-June 2 - Annual Conference, Las Cruces, NM
Aug 11-12 - Lay Servant School - FUMC-ABQ  

Pre-Conference Meetings
Saturday, April 22 nd  - 9:00 am                                          Highland UMC, Odessa, TX
Saturday, April 22 nd - 4:00 pm                                         First UMC, Hobbs, NM 
Sunday, April 23 rd - 4:00 pm                                             Kingswood UMC, Clovis, NM 
Saturday, April 29 th - 9:00 am                                          First UMC, Farmington, NM 
Saturday, April 29 th - 4:00 pm                                          Mesa View UMC, ABQ, NM 
Saturday, May 6 th - 9:00 am                                             Morningstar UMC, Las Cruces, NM 
Saturday, May 6 th - 4:00 pm                                             St. Mark's UMC, El Paso, TX

Fall Itineration Schedule
Sept 16 - Roswell, First UMC 2:00 pm
Sept 23 - Tucumcari, Center Street 3:00 pm
Oct 14 - Odessa First UMC 10:00 am (Central Time)
Oct 21 - Farmington, First UMC 10:00 am
Oct 22 - Albuquerque, St. John's 2:00 pm
Nov 18 - El Paso, Trinity-First 2:00 pm
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