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Nov. 5 - Nov. 11, 2018
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  • What will Happen to the Hundreds of Migrants...?
  • How can You Help Serve the Legal Refugees?
  • NM Conference UM Historical Journal
  • 5 Ways your Church Can Address Violence
  • HealthFlex Open Enrollment - Oct. 31-Nov. 5
  • Perkins School of Youth Ministry - Support Available
  • How Coaching Helped my Ministry
  • Sunday, November 11th is Veteran's Day
  • Upcoming Events
What will Happen to the Hundreds of Migrants Released to El Paso and Las Cruces Churches this Week?
by Kate Bieri, KVIA News

"We have a partnership with the government to get them to their sponsor," said Pastor George Miller of El Calvario United Methodist Church in Las Cruces.

In total, the federal government  released 378 legal migrants  this week who have applied for refugee status in the United States. Of those hundreds, El Calvario hosted 23 migrants for the night.

"They have nothing, except for what's on their back," Miller said. "They're hungry."

The churches provided food, medical check-ups and a warm shower for migrants. After their night at a church like El Calvario, Miller said they contact a family member who can buy them a bus or plane ticket for their immigration hearing.
30-50 legal refugees are expected to be housed at El Calvario UMC on Tuesday.
How can You Help Serve the Legal Refugees? DS, Eddie Rivera
Dear People of God:
How Will You Serve This Season?
This week the number of refugees who are being released from ICE and CBP Detention Centers has climbed to more than 1,000 people and the number will continue to grow. Many churches and non-profit agencies have been responding - to their best of their ability - to this new surge. These released refugees have been granted legal status by the US Government, while they wait for their day in immigration court. In the meantime, they have been given permission to travel inside the US to be with their sponsors (family or friends).

El Paso D.S., Eddie Rivera is making a plea for help. If you are outside the El Paso/Las Cruces area, please consider making a financial donation directly to Tobin Park UMC or El Calvario UMC. Information on the ways you can help: CLICK
NM Conference UM Historical Journal
In the new issue of the NM Conference United Methodist Historical Journal:
  • “Zachariah Butler Moon” by Will Steinsiek
  • “Methodism in North Lea County”
  • “The Church That Didn’t Move”
  • “I Saw Your Face” by Will Steinsiek
  • "We’re Going to The East Side!!” By Carol Kaemper
“In Memory- The 2018 Honored Dead”
  • Rodney L Williams
  • Merriel Abbot
  • Robert Dulaney Barrett
  • Alice May Helfrich
  • Oliver H Davis

5 Ways your Church Can Address Violence
By Rebekah Simon-Peter
Violent conflict is all around us. Not only are we honoring Domestic Violence Prevention month, we have also lived through much recent public conflict. This includes a contentious Supreme Court nominee proceeding further tainted by sexual abuse allegations, a terrifying mass shooting at a synagogue in Pittsburgh and eleven pipe bombs sent to high-profile national leaders and philanthropists.
To contact Dru Ann Kuntz, Conference Benefits Officer: dru@nmconfum.com
Perkins School of Youth Ministry - Support Available
The NM Conference is offering matching financial support for those who work in youth ministry to attend the Perkins School of Youth Ministry to be held in Dallas on January 7-10, 2019. Workshops in ministry practice, shaping hearts, shaping minds and congregational youth ministry. Click here
How Coaching Helped my Ministry
by Kelly Giese
Recently I attended the Step One Conference sponsored by the New Mexico Annual Conference and held in Albuquerque at St John’s UMC. 
My purpose in signing up for the conference was to explore ways to implement new ministries both within the local congregation and in my neighborhood. What I didn’t realize when I signed up is that I would have access to a 30-day coaching contact to help me create some traction for my ideas and to flesh out better implementation strategies. This offering of time and access to “think out loud” with another ministry professional has enabled me to be more specific both in the small details of preparing to launch a neighborhood outreach and in the larger details of thinking theologically about how the Holy Spirit is leading.  The ministry is broadly about friendship and fellowship with neighbors of differing faiths and denominations. 
This extra boost – to write, to think, to talk and be listened to by others was the piece of this process that made the entire conference worthwhile. Thank you for the opportunity to utilize this great resource. 

If you are interested in receiving coaching skills or becoming a certified coach, please contact Blossom Matthews: blossom@nmconfum.com
Rev. Doug Mills coaching a colleague during Step One.
Sunday, November 11th is Veteran's Day
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