Bishop's Itineration Wrap Up

The Conference webpage has all the information.  More information will be forthcoming regarding a Way Forward.  Thanks to all who attended Bishop's Itinerations
and participated in open discussions.

The Council of Bishops has asked Conferences to Support
Global Migration Sunday - December 3, 2017

#GivingTuesday - November 28th

On November 28th, you are invited to come together with thousands of United Methodists to support the work of Advance missionaries and projects on UMC #GivingTuesday. Connect your passion with God's mission as you give to a world in need through your prayers, presence, gifts, and service.

McCurdy Ministries #GivingTuesday Matching Funds
    The New Mexico Annual Conference has been very supportive of McCurdy Ministries Community Center. Last year, the NMAC helped McCurdy raise over $62,355 on Giving Tuesday. This year several anonymous New Mexico donors who believe in the difference that we are making in the name of Jesus Christ in EspaƱola, have provided McCurdy Ministries with $31,000 matching funds for McCurdy's Giving Tuesday 2016.
    We are so thankful for these anonymous donors that we wanted to share this good news with you. Their generosity means that your gift of $100 will become $200 or a $1000 will become $2,000. This year our theme for Giving Tuesday is Give light. Give love. Give life. In addition, we are making it easier for you to make a donation to McCurdy during our Giving Tuesday Event. Your gift of up to $2,500 will be matched as long as the match lasts. You may give in one of these three ways but they need to be on Tuesday, Nov. 28th:
  1. Send a check to McCurdy Ministries for Giving Tuesday to McCurdy Ministries, 362A S. McCurdy Road, EspaƱola, NM 87532. The envelope must be postmarked no later than Nov. 28 and the check must be marked "Giving Tuesday".
  2. Go to our website at to make a donation. Please specify the donation is for Giving Tuesday to qualify for the match.
  3. Go to to give to McCurdy through the United Methodist Advance. Only gifts given on Nov. 28 through this option will be applied to the $31,000 match.

     Disaster Response & Recovery Work Continues at Sager Brown 
Conference Disaster Response Coordinators
     Vernon Baker,  NM Conference Disaster Response Coordinator, was able to attend the UMCOR 2017 Symposium held November 13-17th for Conference Disaster Response Coordinators.  The symposium was hosted at the Sager Brown facility in Baldwin, Louisiana.  UMCOR staff and consultants led the training for coordinators from almost every Conference in the United States.  The focus was on Conference Coordinators & UMCOR trainers sharing best practices, volunteer training, leadership development and disaster response planning. 
     The Coordinators were also privileged to help load the last of five containers headed to Puerto Rico with over 1600 Cleaning Kits, 10,000 health kits, and many solar powered lights.  The attendees also received an update from a member of the UMCOR Advance Response Team who just returned on November 15th. The situation in Puerto Rico is devastating but UMCOR funded food and supplies are currently being distributed.  Bishop Ortiz and the organizing team from the Methodist Church of Puerto Rico have done an enormous amount of work and have a detailed plan for their recovery.  Two test UMCOR Emergency Response Teams will arrive the first week of December and the church in Puerto Rico plan is expected to make an official invitation to all other teams beginning in January.   Any questions or interest in how to help this effort or the continuing efforts in Texas, Florida and California can be sent to Vernon Baker or call (505)918-9638.   

    Conference Treasurer/Statistician Search Re-Opened
Our Search Team is re-opening our search for a new Conference Treasurer/Statistician.  In particular, we are looking for persons with a minimum of three years of experience with basic bookkeeping and accounting practices, familiarity with the ministries, structures, and practices of The United Methodist Church, and is flexible enough to work with a variety of individuals in a range of settings.
     Please consider sharing this announcement with lay persons in your churches and communities as we look for the right person to fill this critical role in our Conference team.  Interested persons should contact Rev. Dan Boyd, Chair of Council on Finance and Administration for the New Mexico Annual Conference ( 

Intentional Interim Ministers    
Intentional Interim Ministers Training
Those training to be intentional interim ministers are: the Reverends Steve Trout, Greg Kennedy, Buddy Moore, Trainer Darrell Coats, Derrell Patterson, George Price. Front row: Steve McElroy, Jane Vaughan and Leslie Barnett.
     What is an intentional interim minister? The reality of pastoral change is not always simple. The opening may come at the wrong time. The right successor may not be presently available. The church may be so wounded by the circumstances creating the opening that healing time will be required before it can fully embrace the leadership of a regularly appointed pastor.
     A transitional interim ministry specialist significantly increases the possibilities for a congregation experiencing special transitional needs to establish and maintain their positive, forward motion.
     These specialized interims are experienced, mature United Methodist pastors trained for the specialized ministry of the interim time. He or she is appointed by the bishop "for a specified length of time, established in advance" to lead the congregation through a discernment process and prepare them for the arrival of a new pastor.
     Transitions may be for healing or grief processing, but they may also be times for congregational course correction, leadership development, re-assessment of mission, and/or times of re-setting the vision.  Transitions may be a time for the settled pastor to be on sabbatical or even called up to service in the military.
     Interim Ministry is a not simply pulpit supply.  Supply keeps the doors open for worship and basic ministry functions.  The interim period in critical transitions - whether anticipated or unexpected - is an intentional and intensive time of analysis and re-focusing.  Planned renewal time provides an opportunity for expert guidance and stabilization.  The goal of the interim appointment is to assist the congregation as it moves toward increased health and vitality of ministry.
From the website of General Board of Higher Education, Transitional Intentional Interim Ministry of the United Methodist Church

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