Early Response Team Trip to Serve Corpus Christi Area  
Hap, Mike, Vernon, Margaret, Elmer, Barbara & Dru

Seven certified Early Response Team (ERT) members began their journey to Corpus Christi, TX on Monday, September 25th.  The team is:  Rev. Vernon Baker, Hap Escue, Dru Ann Kuntz, Elmer Veeder, Margaret Farrer, Barbara Polka-Chenoweth, & Mike McGinnis. 
They have a full trailer of equipment and supplies to share with families in need.  According to the UMCOR representative in Corpus Christi, they will be working on flood damaged homes.  As they discovered, flexibility is important. First they were tasked with dealing with flood waters, then tree limb removal and now that houses have dried somewhat, replacing water damaged dry wall and ripping out carpeting.  Each member will have a specific area of responsibility such as logistics, team care, etc.    
ERT Trip Sept. 25th  
ERT Trip Sept. 25th

Wednesday, Sept. 27th - The ERT starts working on a home in Rockport, TX, 30 minutes from Corpus Christi.  The family that lives in the house is staying at a shelter in San Antonio.  Their job will entail tarping the roof and ripping out sheet rock in the ceiling.  

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October is Pastor Appreciation Month!
Pastor John Rech & Martha Benn
(More Than) 10 Ways to Appreciate your Pastor 
A UMC.org Feature By Laurens Glass 
     I remember the first time I heard the phrase "a mother's work is never done" as a child and thinking that sounded pretty daunting. Perhaps I would be a writer or astronaut instead. If there is one other person besides your mom who is on call practically around the clock, it's probably your pastor.
     A pastor is wedded to his or her church family as we are to our own families. But it's definitely not a thankless job. In honor of dedicated clergy, we asked several ministers to share some of the ways church members had made them feel valued and found that for congregants and clergy alike, simple acts of caring help build a connection beyond the pulpit. 
      R-E-S-P-E-C-T - Find out what it means to me
     Aretha Franklin knew of what she sang. The first component of a healthy and rewarding relationship is respect. If you disagree with something clergy are saying or doing, let them know respectfully, and in private. Give them a chance to respond and to explain, as well as to hear your side. They will appreciate your discrimination and better receive your advice.
      What then can I offer?
     When my great-uncle died, three different pastors made the drive to speak at his funeral. A quiet and humble man, he had made their jobs easier simply by taking on the tasks that no one else would. From cleanup to chairing committees, he had been the one person they could count on when no one else stepped up, but until his eulogy, no one knew the impact he had made by having such a deep commitment to the life of his church. You may not feel you have a particular talent like music or financial skills to offer, but your time and attention may be the greatest gift of all.

Fall Clergy Retreat This Week!
Clergy Retreat 2016
Please keep our clergy in your prayers this week during the Fall Clergy Retreat at Sacramento.  They will spend time learning about Rev. Jerry Herships ministry - "AfterHours Denver".  They will also hear the unique music of Dr. Todd Seelau and Next 2 the Tracks.  Hopefully, they will have time to play, rest and relax before the holiday season is upon us.  
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Commission Starts to Sketch Options for the Way Forward 
from umc.org
     BERLIN, Germany - The Commission on a Way Forward has started sketching models to share with the Council of Bishops as options for finding a way forward for The United Methodist Church (UMC) regarding human sexuality.
     During the meeting in Berlin, Germany (Sept. 18-20), members of the Commission expressed the need for the unity of the UMC, yet recognizing the different theological understandings and expressions on human sexuality. 
     From spirit-led devotions through heartfelt discussions to one-on-one dialogues, the members of the Commission delved deeper into the LGBTQ identity, guided by the values of multiplying our Wesleyan witness, fruitfulness, a heart at peace, de-centralization and simplicity. 
     "I am totally convinced that together we can get through this and with the hope we have, we can get through this together," Dr. Hortense Aka from Ivory Coast said in the Monday morning devotion at the start of the Berlin meeting. She noted that her own personal journey was continuing "with faith, I can listen and see what God wants us to do."
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National Hispanic Heritage Month - Sept. 15 - Oct. 15, 2017

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Church Video Ideas & Tips
MyCom Podcast with Laurens Glass
MyCom Podcast with Laurens Glass
Today, we're talking with Laurens Glass about video production for your church and why it shouldn't be scary. If you think it doesn't matter, please stick around and learn how much impact church videos can have. We'll also discuss a few easy video marketing methods to get the ball rolling.

The Power of the Story
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Charge Conference Season is Upon us!

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