How does YOUR church appreciate their pastor(s)?

   For the long hours, selfless service, for hearing the worst of us and loving us anyway, for being there for the joys in our lives and holding our hands when we're heart-broken, for knowing that we can grow closer to who God needs us to be in the world and helping us get there, for tackling issues that no one else wants to address, for your own frailties that make us love you as the imperfect people we all are...For all these things and so much more, we thank God that you are our Pastors and you chose to take on the burden that few of us could bare.  We appreciate all you do this month and every month to come.  You're in our hearts and our prayers.  
McCurdy Ministries Introduces Exciting Plans
Harry Riser, Bishop Bledsoe, Patricia Alvarado, James Large, Randall Partin, Diana Loomis, Steve Trout 
Bishop Bledsoe and Patricia Alvarado meet.
James Large, Steve Trout, Randall Partin
and Patricia Alvarado
Touring Santa Cruz UMC
The Bishop greets the tiniest ones.

Diana Loomis - our consummate tour guide
Construction on the new McCurdy Charter School

      A contingent from the NM Conference Office traveled to Espanola, NM to meet with Diana Loomis, Director of Development/Church Relations, Patricia Alvarado, Executive Director of McCurdy Ministries, Rev. Harry Riser, Valley View UMC & Santa Cruz UMC, and Rev. Steve Trout, Los Alamos UMC. We discussed the community of Espanola and the extreme challenges the area faces.  For example, Espanola has one of the highest rates in the state, if not the country, for deaths by heroine overdose. In this context, it was encouraging to hear the future plans of McCurdy Ministries, which includes leveraging what already exists in terms of services for students and their families, financial networks, and physical structures, and adding much needed new programs and partnerships. The largest addition is the construction of a new McCurdy Charter School to make room for the community center. 
     This project will be years in the making but it exemplifies the kind of work in which the United Methodist Church does so well - not separate but residing IN the community, asking what the needs actually are, being innovative in terms of funding and structure, having a long-term view, and praying for God's guidance every step of the way.  We will keep you posted as the project progresses.  If you would like more information, please contact Diana Loomis at 505-753-7221, ext. 352 or dloomis@mccurdy.org.

How will the New Overtime Rules Affect your Church?
     We have received a number of inquiries in the Conference Office regarding the impending changes to overtime guidelines and rules from the Department of Labor.  In work with our colleagues in other annual conferences, as well as in working out our own understanding of these guidelines, Cathy Anderson (NMAC Treasurer) and I have developed the following document (FLSA Information for Church Leaders) that will hopefully answer some of the questions that may be cropping up regarding these changes.
     In addition to our document, we share some links to other resources, a flow-chart that might help clarify what qualifies as "exempt" and "non-exempt" employment, as well as a document from Brotherhood Mutual summarizing the current and changing guidelines regarding overtime pay and church employees. 
     As you'll read in our document, we strongly encourage pastors, lay leaders, Staff-Parish Relations teams, and Finance committees to pay close attention to how lay staff members are compensated in our churches, and, where necessary, make changes to ensure both compliance with Department of Labor guidelines as well as fair and adequate compensation for the labor that is offered in service to Christ's Kingdom through our congregations.
     Undoubtedly, there will be more questions that arise from these documents, and we are as prepared as we can be (under the circumstances) to help churches and leaders navigate these changes.  If you find yourself stuck or in need of assistance or guidance, feel free to contact us in the Conference Office at 505-255-8786. 
    May God bless you all in your ministry!
In Christ,
Randall W. Partin, Provost 
(505) 255-8786, ext. 107 

Prepare for Laity Sunday - October 16th
Tips for including church members in your service
by Darby Jones 
     The word laity is from the Greek word, laos, meaning "people of God." It is used to describe members of a congregation or parish who are not a part of the clergy. By letting laity plan services and offer ideas for worship, the pastor and worship team members can get a little respite, and participating members may find a deeper connection within the church.
     Laity Sunday is a specific day to include church members in the planning and execution of your service, but you could choose other days as well. Fall and spring breaks are a time when families may have more availability to participate together. Summer can also be ideal when parents may have more flexible schedules. If you have a worship planning team, make sure they're involved to approve the nontraditional plans.

Fall Festival, Trunk or Treat, Halloween Pictures Needed!
Don't forget to designate a photographer to take some photos of your fall celebrations! 
  Please send photos to Alli Costello, Conference Communications Director: alli@nmconfum.com 

Healthflex Presentations Across the Conference
Dru Ann Kuntz presents the Healthflex options to eligible Conference staff.
  • Monday, October 3rd at 3:30 pm at Sacramento
  • Thursday, October 13th at 1:30 pm at Covenant UMC, ABQ
  • Wednesday, October 19th at 1:00 pm at St. Mark's UMC, El Paso
A Webinar will also be scheduled for those who cannot attend the meetings.

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  Looking at Core Social Values 
by Linda Bloom UMNS 
Melissa Rogers
     Addressing today's toughest social issues - racism, migration, poverty, human rights, climate change - on behalf of the church can be a daunting task.
     But as the United Methodist Board of Church and Society organized itself during a Sept. 21-24 meeting, the 62-member body was starting to shape some concrete goals for the next four years under the agency's new theme, "Living Faith, Seeking Justice and Pursuing Peace."
     The social action agency's mandate from General Conference, the denomination's top legislative body, is to implement the 75 statements of the Social Principles and the 373 social resolutions found in the Book of Resolutions. It also is supporting the churchwide focus on Ministry with the Poor.
     "Our mission is rooted in Methodism's long commitment to social holiness," said the Rev. Susan Henry-Crowe, the board's top executive.
     The Social Principles "are at the core" of the denomination's identity, she explained. "They provide reflection and guidance for United Methodists on pressing matters of the day."

The People of the Flood
UMC Comes Together
UMC Comes Together

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