The Bridge - Odessa Opens
The Bridge - Odessa
The Bridge - Odessa

The Bridge in Odessa is the NM Conference's newest church plant.  They worshiped in their new, beautiful facility on Sunday, October 15th.  Pastor Donnie Williams shares some history and the hopes of The Bridge. 
Mission Work in Peru with Martin & Tracy Reeves
A letter from Martin Reeves to the NM Conference
      Thank you!  We are very grateful for your partnership with us in making disciples in Peru.  Through your partnership, God is transforming lives for eternity.
     This last year, we have been hard at work making disciples of Jesus Christ in Peru.  In addition to the weekly worship and Sunday School at our four church plants, we have youth and young adult groups, after school programs three days a week, small group ministries, and prayer and counseling ministries.  Although we have paused construction since July, as we wait for further funding, construction on our youth center on the second floor, along with the sewing and computer centers are complete.  In July, we purchased four industrial sewing machines and began training 14 women on how to sew in September.  We hope to have laptops donated for the computer center next year.  Our Peruvian daughter, Marleny is continuing her studies as a lab tech, so she can serve Christ at our future medical lab.   
  • December - Shared Gospel through song & drama with 500 people with free hot chocolate and fruitcake
  • February - VBS for 450 children from 3 churches
  • March - Men's outreach with soccer
  • March - Trujillo is flooded three times - delivered food, water and other necessities over 33 days.
  • Holy Week - Baptized 5 new adults and confirmed 3 more
  • June, July & August - 3 short-term mission teams visited

You can financially partner with the Reeves Family at:

Missionary ID# 0266; El Milagro Christian Family Development Center:  Project ID# 0857.  


United Methodist Student Day is November 26th
     Think about the young people in your congregation as you prepare to celebrate United Methodist Student Day on Nov. 26. By celebrating and promoting generosity on this Special Sunday of The United Methodist Church, you are wrapping your arms around tomorrow's Christian leaders.
     Now is the time to share this message with your congregation and church leaders so that they, too, have the opportunity to ensure a brighter future for United Methodist students.
     Download the United Methodist Student Day pastor's kit today for all the tools you need to celebrate on Nov. 26. You'll find sermon starters, social media images, e-books, videos and so much more to get your church excited about this special day.
     To enhance your celebration, order leaflet offering envelopes and posters at or call 888-346-3862.
     Together, we will change the lives of United Methodist students as they continue on their faith journeys.
     Thank you for your leadership and support!

Global Migration Sunday - December 3rd

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Reminders for Communicating Outside our Walls - 'Tis the Season
by Alli Newsom, Communications Director
    I have been able to attend several of Bishop's Itinerations and listened to the Clergy Retreat speaker, Rev. Jerry Herships discuss his AfterHours Ministry in Denver. When asked about the challenges in their local context, itineration participants expressed their frustration people not attending their church services despite providing lots of programs and using tried and true marketing methods. Jerry talked about placing advertising materials in bar bathroom stalls (His ministry is in bars, so it is appropriate and effective.)  Well...perhaps the answers are in the middle. Here are some reminders/ideas.
Full Calendar
     This time of year gives churches a steady stream of activities to advertise.  You should have a contact list from VBS, so you can keep your church on the minds of these families going throughout the holiday season. Colorful postcards are great ways to invite families who have some prior connection with your church to your fall festival, special Thanksgiving meal, Children's Christmas Pageant Practice, Mitten Drive, Christmas activities...whatever you do well. Most churches set their calendar at the end of the summer and get a plan together through January and beyond.  If you are not already looking at this season strategically, you need to do so. 
     At the same time, give people an idea of what else your church does - your ministries, what your shared ministry dollars and tithes fund.  Let them in on what the United Methodist Church is about - social justice initiatives, global concerns, disaster response, lifting up young people, etc.  Do not assume they know anything about you/us. 
     Think about your priorities on the front page of your website. Your website should change weekly (if not more) and have all the information relevant to "seekers" on the front page. Your congregants can get their important information in other ways but for folks looking for a church, this may be your one shot.  At a quick glance, viewers should know the times of your services, how to get to your church, a basic notion of what you believe, what ministries you support, and upcoming events (calendar).  If there is a program that is especially important to your congregation to market outside the walls like a Trunk or Treat, make it bold, fun and colorful on your website.  Viewers should be able to email staff members and talk to a real person when they call or shortly after they have left a message. 
Who we are 
     Think about how you want your congregation to be portrayed.  You want to let people know who they will find when they walk through the doors.  Do not portray them falsely.  I have seen churches use clip art photos featuring beaming millenials on their website.  DO think about what your church does well and show that.  Every church is "friendly", but if your church excels in christian education, makes a mean cupcake, has a great music program, cares for the elderly, or offers a high quality daycare, show that in pictures and/or videos.  Interesting, large-sized, un-pixelated pictures that show one thing well vs. a wide shot of lots of things are better. 
     Connect your social media pages to your website.  Many churches keep their websites more informational and use Facebook to show faces and interaction.  It provides a nice balance and sustainable workflow. Check with your church administration about their policy regarding sharing children's photos publicly. If you are unsure, do not show faces.
Soccer Mom
    Our experience as the Church is that we can no longer have the expectation that if we put on a great program, families will naturally join us on Sunday.  I heard the comment that women are so busy being soccer moms, they do not have time for church services.  I have been a soccer mom and could have dropped my kid off and done something else with my time but I chose to hang out.  Other than freezing on the sidelines, I have really fond memories.  Why do soccer moms choose to spend time in community in the bleachers rather than in the church?  Maybe we need to join them in the bleachers and find out. 
     Most of these suggestions you may have heard before but I hope the reminder was helpful.  If you would like to chat about some ideas, please contact Alli Newsom at 505-255-8786, ext. 111.

United Methodist Rural Advocates
The United Methodist Rural Advocates presents 4 workshops to help your church grown in the areas of mission, leadership, vision and evangelism.  Workshop leaders are effective leaders, understand the small membership church, and will help your local church leaders develop and lead both church and community.  The first webinar has past but there are still 3 left.  
2017 Conference Fall Memory Book
     Every year, we create a fall memory book filled with pictures of activities churches throughout the NM Conference have hosted in their communities.  It is a fun way to see what other churches are doing and perhaps get some ideas for next year or for another gathering.   
     Many churches hosted events this past weekend.  Don't forget to post your pic s on Facebook!  If you want to be sure your church's pics get into the memory book, email them to our Communications Director -
FUMC-Los Alamos 2015

Farmington Emergency Response Team Training
Members of our certified Emergency Response Team were deployed in September to Corpus Christi.  It was hard work but the experiences our team members had were life-changing.  There will continue to be need for helpers in TX and other areas at least for a year, probably longer.  Each team member has a designated responsibility.  You could be in charge of logistics, food, spiritual support, etc.  In other words, you do not have to be in the best shape of your life to participate.  The next training is at FUMC-Farmington on November 18th.  The Conference will offer additional training sessions in 2018.  For more information, contact Hap Escue:

Charge Conference Season is upon us!

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Upcoming Events
Nov. 3-5 - Explore Calling - Portland, OR
Nov. 7 - Be Strong & of Good Courage Workshop - FUMC-Roswell 
Nov. 10-11- CLM Training - Asbury-Odessa
Nov. 10-11 - CLM Training - University-Las Cruces   
Nov. 18 - ERT Training - First-Farmington 
Fall Itineration Schedule
Nov 18 - El Paso, Trinity-First 2:00 pm
Local Events
November 17-18, 2017 - Peralta Memorial UMC, 25 Wesley Rd., Peralta.   
Holiday Bazaar - Friday, Nov. 17th - 9 to 6 & Saturday, Nov. 18th - 9 to 3.  UMM will sell breakfast burritos, taco soup and drinks. 

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