Fall Clergy Retreat   
Rev Todd Seelau & Next 2 the Tracks - X-ile: Blues Church 
Rev Todd Seelau & Next 2 the Tracks - X-ile: Blues Church
     Our clergy were treated to beautiful mountain weather for their retreat.  The program kicked off with a lively presentation from Rev. Jerry Herships from the Rocky Mountain Conference, discussing his "AfterHours" ministry in Denver.  (More to come about AfterHours.)  
     During the first evening together, Rev. Todd Seelau and his band, Next 2 the Tracks modeled their X-ile: Blues Church.  They combine music, pizza and Bible Study in order to reach people who may not be found in a church.   
    Morning worship with the Bishop, Worship in the Wilderness, prayer beads, horseback riding and other activities provided some much needed R&R.  

 Conference Treasurer/Statistician, Cathy Anderson Resigning
     Cathy Anderson, our Conference Treasurer/Statistician has indicated her intent to resign effective December 31, 2017.  Cathy has served our Annual Conference for almost 20 years, in a number of posts and positions, and has contributed greatly to our ministry together.  In particular, her leadership as Treasurer/Statistician has been an enormous gift to our Conference and she will be sorely missed.  
     A search team has been formed to revise the position description, advertise for a new hire, and work towards bringing a new person on board by the end of the year, if not sooner.  We ask for your prayers as we engage in this search, and ask also that you offer thanks and appreciation to Cathy for her service and ministry alongside us. 

Needed: 2020 General Conference Delegates
2020 South Central Jurisdictional Conference Delegates
     At our upcoming 2018 Annual Conference Session (June 13-15, 2018, in Albuquerque), we will elect clergy and laity delegates to the 2020 General and Jurisdictional Conferences. In the New Mexico Annual Conference, we elect one clergy and one laity delegate to General Conference (who also attend Jurisdictional Conference on our behalf), an additional clergy and laity voting delegate to Jurisdictional Conference (for a total of two voting members each), and two additional clergy and lay alternates.
     The Conference Provost, the Conference Lay Leader, and the Chair of the Board of Ordained Ministry invite you to submit a completed "Delegation Interest Information Form" to serve as a delegate (or alternate delegate) to General and/or Jurisdictional Conference.  

Be Strong and of Good Courage
Tuesday, November 7th
10 am - 3 pm
Join us for a conversation on being a courageous leader in an anxious time. Guest Speaker: Rev. John Thornburg, Texas Methodist Foundation.  We need a better conversation about courage.  Contact Rev Tina Cross:  tinamariecross@gmail.com
What is needed is the courage of steadfastness to our purpose as Wesleyan Methodists.  "Be strong and of good courage".  It is a quiet, and a quieting, courage. - Gil Rendle 
Resource: Click here

The Council of Bishops Statement on a Clean Dream Act

     United Methodist bishops are urging the United States Congress to pass a Clean Dream Act that would allow undocumented young people the opportunity to work, receive an education and serve in the U.S. military.
     In a statement released today, the bishops said they are praying and urging action for the young people affected by the U.S. government's decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. The young immigrants, also known as Dreamers, had an October 5 deadline to renew their permits one last time.
     "We are praying for DACA recipients and their families and all undocumented immigrant communities as they continue to find themselves in the unending crisis of being undocumented in this country. By March 5th, 2018, Congress must determine how it will respond to this crisis. We urge Congress to begin by passing a Clean Dream Act," the statement from the bishops said.
Click here for the full article & statement

The UMC Conferences Well Represented in Disaster Response Efforts

     The NMAC ERT arrived back in NM on Sunday after a week deploying to Corpus Christi, Rockport, Ingleside, and Aransas Pass.  They helped 3 families become safe a secure in their homes.  As of last Friday, the Rio Texas Conference Corpus command center had coordinated over 3100 volunteer hours to help stabilize 166 homes since Harvey arrived. This included 70,000 sq ft of tarping with 2000 1x2 firing strips to hold them down plus mountains of debris removal and water damaged flooring and drywall. They also distributed thousands of flood buckets and other supplies.  We left teams from Rio Texas, Rocky Mountain Conference and members from Great Plains Conference, who were ready to serve.  Desert SW Conference teams are basing In Victoria, TX.  Great to be connected to our UMC family.  Vernon Baker, NM Conference Disaster Response Coordinator

    I am happy to report that it looks like we are delivering to Texas Conference this morning over 1400 Flood Buckets.  This is about 1100 from the NWTX & NM Conferences plus an additional 300 that we were able to pick up in the DFW area for the Central Texas Conference.  Great job all!  Charlie Brown, NWTX Conference Disaster Response Coordinator

NMAC BoOM Candidacy Mentor Training
Submitted by Rev. Brad Bennett
The Reverend Kim Kinsey has led mentor training sessions for over 20 years and uses her training and resources from our United Methodist General Board of Higher Education and Ministry. Kinsey facilitated a 2 hour training session with 18 clergy from all districts including 4 from Albuquerque, 4 from Clovis, 7 from El Paso, Superintendents James Large and Jane Vaughan, and the Chair of the Board of Ordained Ministries. Several additional clergy will be receiving training at a later date.   

The Fishbowl - a new podcast for clergy spouses and those in ministry. 
Cazandra Campos-MacDonald
Ministry is hard. And when you are married to the pastor, you often feel like every move you make is being scrutinized. Don't get me wrong, there are some wonderful aspects to being the spouse of the pastor, but sometimes being a clergy spouse can not only be difficult, it can be lonely. You can even feel like no one else in the world could possibly understand  what you are going through, but another clergy spouse sure can. 
TheFishbowl is a new podcast created for clergy spouses from all faith traditions. It's a place where we can hear stories from men and women who are ministering in their own, unique ways alongside their pastor spouses. Our stories are important to share so that we can equip, encourage and cheer on our brothers and sisters in Christ as we all travel the journey of a clergy spouse. Not only are clergy and their spouses plopped into the "fishbowl" style of living, but anyone who is in active ministry can feel the effects of being in the spotlight when they would prefer to not be. 
Subscribe on iTunes and leave a review for "The Fishbowl." If you, or someone you know, is interested in being part of the podcast, please email Cazandra Campos-MacDonald at cazmac9910@gmail.com.  Your story matters and you are not alone. 


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