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Adam Ruins Everything
Free DVD/Streaming + Discussion Guide
March 1 - April 30

Back by popular demand! truTV has generously agreed to re-open access to five free episodes of truTV's original television series, Adam Ruins Everything, and the use of the accompanying discussion guide to NAMLE members from March 1 through April 30! Prior participants will automatically receive a new email with the streaming link and password, while new high school and post-secondary educators who would like access can request the streaming link or DVD here !
Media Literacy in the News
PBS NewsHour: Misinformation Overload
On their new website, Misinformation Overload , PBS NewsHour’s network of teen reporters across the country reveal what young people really think about “fake news,” how it has affected their lives, and the role that journalism plays in their communities. [ read more ]
Teaching Media Literacy through Social Media
In this article for KQED Ed, educator Nate Green breaks down how he implements media literacy education through social media in his classroom. [ read more ]
M-Passioned: Meet Our Members
Shaunelle Curry
Media Studies Professor
California State University - Los Angeles
Executive Director, Media Done Responsibly
"Media Done Responsibly, or MDR as we call it, is a media literacy education and mentor program. We train college students to be peer mentors for middle and high school students. Our college mentors go into local middle and high schools across Los Angeles County and teach kids to analyze and understand the 13+ hours of media they consume on a daily basis. Our latest project is to streamline this process for educators to access our curriculum and training. While we have been focused primarily on educating and preparing youth in L.A., we have educators who want to replicate this peer mentor model in their classrooms across the country." [ read more ]
Using source materials from PBS, NPR and local public media stations, Thinkalong is a free program that helps students think critically about media, develop informed opinions, and practice respectful, civil discourse. Through Thinkalong's interactive multimedia format, students can investigate topics that directly affect their lives and communities. Thinkalong can be used in traditional or blended classrooms supporting individual, small group, and whole-class learning. [ learn more ]
Project Look Sharp
Lesson Plan:
Media Literacy + Social Justice
This lesson plan, from Project Look Sharp, is designed for high school and college students and explores how people in the United States have perceived social justice movements over the past 180 years and how the U.S. media have constructed that public perception. All materials are free and classroom-ready, including overviews, teacher guides, handouts, assessments, and all digital media. [ learn more ]
PreK-12 Media Literacy Resources
Check out these popular media literacy resources for educators curated by the team at WNET, New York City’s PBS affiliate station. [ learn more ]
Lesson Plan: Advertising Literacy
Media Smart UK is now offering free teaching resources for 7-16 year olds designed to help children think critically about the advertising they encounter in their daily lives. Topics include introduction to advertising, digital advertising, body image and advertising, and social media and advertising. [ learn more ]
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