Conference Season Is Here!


Why are thousands of people spending so much time meeting up in conference rooms and hallways to talk and listen to each other? To learn. To grow. To think bigger. To find solutions to their communities' challenges. We are there to confer with our fellow local government peers. Local government offers a unique opportunity to see hundreds of petri dishes run policy experiments that yield both positive and negative results. At these conferences, we have an opportunity to share our results so we can all learn what worked and what didn't.

As you head into conference season, define "success." Evaluate what you learned in the past and maximize what you learn this year. Walk the entire exhibit hall, and get to the edges where the small new players are just revealing their fresh ideas for solving the most quizzical of public challenges. Focus not just on the solutions they are offering, but challenge the root cause of the problems they are trying to solve.

Instead of wandering into a conference, stride in with a plan, a vision and a lot of prep-work. These narrow windows of assembled movers and shakers are powerful moments. Make the most of them.

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Client Highlight:
City of Santa Ana
Home to over 300,000 people, the City of Santa Ana is located in north Orange County. The City runs on its dedication to transparency, accountability and participation in the name of building trust with and engaging its community members.
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Messaging Strategy

A thoughtful strategy is just as impactful as your organization's message. Tripepi Smith consists of wordsmiths with big picture thinking. Leave it to us to craft a unique communications plan that will resonate with your audience and achieve your goals.

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Talent On Tap:
Jon Barilone

Jon has a wide-ranging knowledge and skill set from years of Internet marketing and marketing communications work in a variety of industry verticals. 

Jon's professional background includes search engine optimization and advertising, website content management, content writing and editing, product marketing management, and other significant experience with social media marketing and community management.
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2018 Conference Plans

Look for Tripepi Smith on the local government conference circuit! Come find us at the following events:

WCMA Summer Symposium 
Winthrop, WA

ICMA Annual Conference
Baltimore, MD

LOCC Annual Conference
Long Beach

MISAC Annual Conference
Rancho Mirage 

MMASC Annual Conference
Indian Wells

MMANC Annual Conference