Confirmation Spring 2021
Confirmation Date: Sunday June 6, 2021

Our Lady of Lourdes Parish
St. Kateri Parish

St. Peter Parish
The Confirmation Date has been scheduled for Sunday, June 6th for all candidates currently in the Grade 10 Faith Formation. The church sites will be determined as we draw closer based on the current Covid 19 restrictions. We will be scheduling Confirmation rehearsals as we get closer as well. Please read below for details on Confirmation requirements.
Paperwork requirements - Due May 1st
At this time we are not requiring any additional service hours beyond what you may have already submitted. We are not requiring the submission of the service hours worksheet. If your student was in the 9th grade program last year at St. Peter or St. Kateri, they should have received a packet with all paperwork enclosed. If you misplaced your folder, are coming from another parish, or attend Catholic school, I have attached the required paperwork below to be filled out and returned to the parish of registration.

Google Classroom Monthly Assignments

ALL google classroom monthly assignments from October to May must be completed and submitted online by May 31st.
Choosing a Sponsor

Part of preparation for Confirmation is selecting a sponsor. Your sponsor should be a practicing Catholic. Select someone whose Catholic faith you admire, who is willing and able to become personally involved in your preparation, and who will model a strong Catholic life for you. Don’t forget to consider your baptismal Godparents! Because of the connection between Baptism and Confirmation, a Godparent often makes a good Confirmation sponsor. Ideally, Confirmation sponsors act as mentors, inviting young people to greater participation in the life of the community. Consider discussing your choice with your parents. They can help you decide who to ask. You might feel a little nervous when you are ready to ask someone to be your Confirmation sponsor. Remember that this person will most likely feel flattered and honored to be asked.

A few guidelines to keep in mind when choosing a sponsor:

  • A sponsor sees that the person to be confirmed acts as a true witness to Christ, faithfully fulfilling the obligations connected with Confirmation.
  • A Confirmation sponsor is preferably one of the baptismal sponsors (Godparents)
  • A sponsor should be at least 16 years of age and a confirmed Catholic who has received Eucharist and who leads a faith-filled life.
  • Parents may not be sponsors.
Choosing a Confirmation Name

In Scripture, when God offers a new mission to someone, He gives them a new name. God is calling you to fulfill a special mission—be His disciple in your every day and every way. Confirmation may be the continuation of the mission which you began at Baptism or may be the start of a new mission.

There are two options regarding your Confirmation name:

You may want to reaffirm your baptismal name since the Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation are so closely related. Confirmation seals and strengthens the work that God began in you at Baptism. It completes your Baptism. Reaffirming your baptismal name is a sign of your commitment to live as a disciple of Jesus Christ. *This only applies if your baptismal name (first or middle) IS A SAINT NAME!!!

Perhaps you see Confirmation as the beginning of a new mission and a fresh beginning in your faith journey. You may want to add a new name at Confirmation. This decision indicates your awareness of how Confirmation will help you live as a disciple of Christ. The name you choose must be a Christian name—the name of a saint or one of the great men or women from the Bible who have gone before us in faith. Spend time prayerfully reflecting about your choice.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding the above information, please respond to this email or call your parish office. Thank you. - Regina Sherman