Volume 1 | September 10, 2021
Our Itinerary
We have reserved seats for you and passports are NOT required for our fun and safe adventures!

We will take-off on Wednesday, November 3 at 10:00 a.m. for a virtual trip around the world with internationally-renowned, award-winning Dr. Paul Alan Cox for our 2nd annual Joint Meeting. Travel first-class by Zoom from the comfort and safety of your own home. Invite friends to join you!

Our adventures will continue at monthly garden club and PCGCA meetings as we explore gardens and parks that make Philadelphia "The Garden Capital of America." Your club president and Fertilizer Fund representatives will be your guides, introducing you to the people and places that have been the beneficiaries of your annual Fertilizer Fund contributions.

There's so much to do and discover. Adventure awaits. Join us!
Save the Date -- November 3, 2021
On Wednesday, November 3, at 10:00 a.m., Dr. Paul Alan Cox will guide us on a trip around the world via Zoom and introduce us to ancient plants and fascinating people whose traditional practices are giving rise to breakthroughs in modern medicine.

Save the date and watch your email for your official invitation to the annual PCGCA Joint Meeting or register through our website. Invite a friend to join you! Registration is free!

Planting, pollinating and protecting our planet...
Keep an eye out for your invitation to "jump on board" your garden club's Annual Fertilizer Fund Campaign. As in past years, volunteers from your garden club will be busy as bees, raising money so PCGCA can award "Fertilizer Fund" micro-grants to non-profits throughout Philadelphia who are planting gardens at schools, hospitals, parks, and sites of historic and cultural significance. Last year, PCGCA awarded over $50,000 for horticulture projects with more than 20 different organizations--thanks to friends like you! Can we count on your support again this year?

Founded, funded and operated by women
The Philadelphia Committee of the Garden Club of America (The PCGCA) was founded in 1964 by women from ten Philadelphia-area clubs affiliated with The Garden Club of America (GCA.)

We are proud of our 50+ year history of philanthropy and grateful to over 600 women in our 10 member garden clubs who donated nearly $50,000 to The Fertilizer Fund last year, every dollar of which we awarded as micro-grants to non-profits throughout Philadelphia.

Join us in our 57th year as we grow again, one woman, one gift, one garden at a time.