June 19, 2019 - Issue 19-25

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As we're all (sometimes painfully!) aware, conflict is a fact of life in the workplace. Actually any time or place people interact with each other, conflict will sometimes arise. Eliminating it is not a workable option. You can ignore it or hide it. You can't eliminate it. You can resolve it with the correct techniques and demeanor.

Here's Jim Riviello discussing methods of navigating conflict. Some of the methods he describes are effective, some not so.

Navigating interactions that are potentially unpleasant, whether it's criticism, conflict, discharging an employee, or something else, can be stressful. Some guidelines are common to all these situations:
  • Remain calm in your demeanor. Raised voices never add anything positive to the moment.
  • Respect the individuals involved. It's actions or results of actions that are always the issue, not the personalities.
  • Examine facts. Skip the rhetoric and innuendo.
  • If someone present insists on attacking personalities or slinging insults, remove that person(s) from the conversation. Counsel them privately and allow their return only when they agree to behave constructively.
  • Focus on correcting the result of whatever happened, and preventing its recurrence. Avoid the blame game.
  • Remember! As the leader, you always set the tone for the demeanor of your team members in any situation. Keep that tone positive and constructive.
Enjoy Jim Riviello's take on navigating conflict and challenges in general.

John Stevens

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