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Conflict Resolution in the Workplace
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Let's talk about how to deal with upsetting work emails like a pro!

When you receive an angry or hurtful email from a co-worker, don't fire off a response right away. Slow down and give yourself time to reflect on WHY it was upsetting. You need to have an idea of WHY so that you better identify which results will help.

Once you've thought through the WHY, you can move on to how you want to frame the discussion moving forward.

If you get an upsetting email, try these steps:

1. Decide whether you actually need to respond. If you do, take a quick break. Get up from your desk, go get some tea or hot cocoa.

2. When you get back, write a response and save it as a draft.

3. An hour later, re-read the draft and edit to move the discussion in the direction you want.

4. Send the response and give yourself a break from email for a few minutes. This is a good time to make those phone calls you've been putting off.

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News and Upcoming Events
  • Americorps LISC Conference in Detroit: Last week, Genesis taught conflict resolution skills to 90+ Americorps leaders from around the country. The 3.5 hour workshop explored how to deconstruct conflict, put it in context, and use basic tools to slow thing downs and help people feel heard. Rave reviews and even a few hugs!

  • A cold winter morning at Columbia University, Master's in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution. Genesis and a senior colleague spoke to students about starting a career in conflict resolution.

  • Smith College, here we come! In April, Genesis will teach Conflict Resolution at the Women of Color Conference at Smith College in Northampton, MA. Genesis will also lead a separate, small workshop for student athletes.
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