The Family Connection -  July 2017
Confrontive I-Messages in Action
More Free

"It seems to me (a mother) that before P.E.T. I had to play certain roles-be a certain way.   I don't think I have to be that way anymore.   I'm free to be me.   And to risk that I'll still be loved and accepted, and if not, well that's all right...And it's freed my husband to be more open, more willing to talk about things and not hold feelings in...The whole thing about sending an honest  I-Message about how you feel ... I feel now it's OK for me to say, "I don't have time for it or I can't do it right now."

Breaking Habits
"My son, four years old at the time, had developed the habit of sliding on his rear down the carpeted stairs...
Our P.E. T. Instructor Training Workshop begins this October in San Diego, CA 

Becoming a Certified Instructor of Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.) enables you to facilitate this prestigious program within your community or organization. 

Registration is limited.

P.E.T. Workshops Near You

We have new P.E.T. classes starting soon in Aurora, CO and San Diego, CA. For more class dates and locations, check our P.E.T. class calendar by clicking below.

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