So What's Our Class Schedule Now?
Thank you for your patience as we try to bring you in-person classes in a safe environment. We understand our current schedule is confusing and hope to clarify the schedule in this email. Class announcements are posted on our Facebook page. Make sure you check our Facebook page to check where classes will be held for that day.
November 2020 Master Schedule
* Check our Facebook page morning of the class date to confirm class location.
** All indoor classes are also available to attend on Zoom. Email us if you would like to attend the Zoom classes.
Orange/Milford Classes
  • Tuesday evening classes will always be held inside the Aiping Tai Chi Center, at 518 Boston Post Rd. We have an 8 student limit in the main training room and 6 student limit in the overflow training room. We currently have additional capacity for Tuesday evening classes.

  • Saturday morning classes will be held outdoors in Eisenhower Park in Milford as long as the weather permits. During inclement weather, classes will be held inside our center. Both the main training room and overflow training room are available for indoor Tai Chi classes. *Check our Facebook page for announcements confirming the location of the Saturday morning class.

  • Special Note for the Qigong class: Qigong classes inside our center will be held in the smaller training room with a 6 student limit. If you are a drop-in student, please text Shifu Shirley at 203-795-0203, to check the class capacity before coming into the Center for Qigong class that day.
Eisenhower Park, Milford
Aiping Tai Chi Center, Orange
Fairfield / Westport Classes
Friday Fairfield County classes will be held outdoors at a private residence in Fairfield when weather permits and will be held indoors at 420 Post Road West, Suite 202, in Westport (across the street from Whole Foods) during inclement weather. Indoor classes have a maximum student capacity of 8 students.

*Check our Facebook page for announcements confirming the location of the Friday class. Email or text us at 203-795-0203 to get the address for the Fairfield class location.
Fairfield, CT class location at a private residence
420 Post Road West, Suite 202, Westport, CT
Register today! If you are a new student, fill out our online registration form. Visit our schedule and fees webpage for fee and payment information. Existing students interested in returning to class, please email us.
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