Are you confused about the new 2018 tax changes? We're holding a special info session in order to help explain everything you need to know regarding the new taxes and how it applies to real estate . 2018 REAL ESTATE TAX CHANGES + PROSPECTING TO PROFIT session NEXT TUESDAY! As a BONUS , we're also including steps you can take to make BETTER PROSPECTING = BETTER PROFITS. If you have been looking for a way to increase your real estate business in 2018, here's a great way to get it started!

Guillermo Arauz III is an Accountant with his very successful family-owned tax and management consulting company, Arauz & Company. Established in 1990 by Guillermo Arauz, Senior, the company brings their breadth of knowledge and experience to each engagement as well as their commitment to excellence. Listen to this tax expert discuss the impact of the new 2018 tax changes and how they impact the real estate industry and you.

Maria Correa is a Senior Loan Officer with Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation. An expert speaker who is extremely knowledgeable with her ability to be a "Sales Prospecting Guru." Let her share with you the powerful techniques you need in order to be able to make the best leads with effective steps that she has utilized over the years.

12:30 - 1:30pm

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Can you confidently say that your current strategy is strong enough to deliver the growth you need? That's exactly why we're committed to hosting some amazing sessions in order to improve your current real estate business!

Looking forward to seeing you at this very informative session we have lined up for you next week!

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