Bugle Calls
Issue No. 1013
June 2014
Welcome to the June edition of "Bugle Calls". Our main topic for this issue is Bob Bugle-B-1001 "Confused by Multi-Platform Advertising"?

Our guest columnist is Jim Cosgrove. Jim is the Advertising Manager for the National Catholic Register, and a former software engineer and web developer.

Jim will review why 'Content' is so important to the growth and vitality of every communications medium. He'll also review the impact that ad placement has on the response rate, and why you're hearing more and more about "Responsive Design" being a necessity for all websites in 2014.

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Confused by Multi-Platform Advertising?
By Jim Cosgrove  
With the increasing appetite for timely news delivered to a dizzying array of mobile devices and desktop computers, how is it possible to design an effective cross-platform ad campaign?

Content is Still King!
When we see an ad online or in print, it is usually the secondary result of doing something else, such as reading a news article or blog, searching for information, playing a game, or viewing our Facebook news feed. When we consume content on the web, we see the ads that are placed near it. So everything about the ad depends on its placement near the "host" content.

For news organizations, web traffic and the resulting ad impressions are wholly dependent upon fresh, original, and relevant content being consistently delivered to the consumer. 

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Responsive Web Design Explained in 77 Seconds!
Responsive Website Design
We found this nicely done (and fun to watch), video explanation for
responsive website design by MarketPacer Media.

We like the video explanation of "Responsive Design" a lot, but have no experience working with the company that produced it, Market Pacer. Our inclusion of this video is in no way meant to be construed as an endorsement of this company or the services they provide.

Responsive Web Design: Why One Small Business Thinks Your Small Business Needs to Have It!
By FOXBusiness News
Five years ago a small business was ahead of the curve if it had a nicely designed website. But with a Cisco report showing mobile data traffic up a staggering 81% in 2013 alone as more and more consumers use different types of devices to browse the Internet, web design site, Wingman Planning says every small
business needs their website to be easily accessible on multiple platforms.

"The market is continuing to change and as more people learn about responsive websites, the more they realize that it could make a big difference in their business," said Tom Mirabella, co-founder of the eight-person web-design startup.

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Businesses restructuring around mobile content
Organizations restructuring around content marketing & mobile content
By By Natasha Clark
Organizations are restructuring around content marketing and mobile content to capitalize on the rapidly-growing market, according to a survey.

A report on mobile content distribution strategies for B2B marketers revealed that 84 percent of marketers are responding healthily to growing access from  mobile devices.

The report also showed that marketing responsibilities are growing to include the ownership of technology to provide better access to new information. In new areas such as mobile, up to 70 percent of marketers are directly or indirectly involved in selection and management of tools.

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